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Open Letter to Theresa May, British Prime Minister 25-4-2018 PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Τετάρτη, 25 Απρίλιος 2018 12:13



Open Letter to Mrs. Theresa May, British Prime Minister 25/4/2018
Your Excellency Mrs Theresa May,

There are very serious indications that certain individuals, who seem to work for various British services and the initials of their names are, ΑΟ, ΑΑ, ΛΦ, ΚΚ, ΙΝ, ΔΚ, ΝΓ, ΑΑ, ΠΨ, ΧΠ, ΦΜ, ΦΑ, ΕΑ, ΕΓ, ΕΜ, ΜΔ, ΑΠ, ΘΓ, ΒΣ, ΔΚ, ΔΖ, ΝΚ, ΔΧ, ΣΕ, ΑΤ, ?Ι, ΚΚ, Φ?, ΡΜ, ΡΟ, ΓΜ, ΓΜ, ΓΛ, are being involved, on behalf of your country, the United Kingdom, in the committment of crimes against innocent, adults and/or children, members of the Greek Nation. Therefore, I kindly ask from you to investigate this issue in order, for any criminal activity, on behalf of any British service, to become terminated at once and those who seemingly have committed those crimes to be brought to Justice and to become officially acountable for their unlawful deeds, preferably, within the next thirty days.
The British services are responsible, according to a testimony and other sufficient indications, for my having become, involuntarily, neadlessly and illegitimately, brain implanted with electronic implants. In order to become able to protect, my own life, my good health, my freedom and my honor, from potential, illegitimate abusages of this electronic device, I kindly ask you to provide me, preferably within the next twenty four hours, all the existing, technical and operational, information related to this device and also, to provide me, preferably within the next forty eight hours, all the necessary technical or otherwise means in order for me to establish the autonomy of my biological organization and to exclude any possibility of this electronic device to become, against my will, influenced by anyone else.
There are sufficient indications that, my official criminal records and the related judicial files, in Greece, have been severely adulterated on British services' orders; and also that your British services have made repetitive abusages of my brain implant in order to fabricate false incriminating evidence against me. Therefore, I kindly ask you to arrange that, preferably within the next seven days,

a. The complete, dynamic content of my Greek official criminal record and my judicial files to become published in the Internet without my prior inspection and
b. Complete copies of the dynamic content of all the files that the British services keep, for me personally, to be sent to me in order to, freely, exersize my Human Rights; to clear my name from any existing slandering; and to safeguard effectively my personal security and well being.

Also, I would like to inform you that, I am investigating whether, I could rise claimes against the United Kingdom, at the International Criminal Court, at Hague, on the bases that your country having committed against Greece:

1. Genocide by causing serious mental harm (Greek civilians' current, abnormal inability to manifest any reaction to the colonial, generalized assault that Greece is currently suffering).
2. Crime against humanity of enslavement (involuntary brain implants, fraudulent impossition of psychiatric medication against mentally healthy civilians, etc.).
3. Crime against humanity of torture (organized gang-stalking, zersetzen torture, etc.).
4. Crime against humanity of enforced dissapearences of persons (innocent and legitimate political dissidents, etc.).
5. Crime against humanity of other inhumane acts (laser-weapons against innocent civilians during peace time, etc.).
6. Crime against humanity of apartheid (enlisting of civilians to the covert Stay-behind, non-uniformed army).
7. War crime of biological, medical and scientific experiments (involuntary brain implanting, involuntary pharmaceutical experiments, etc.).
8. War crime of appropriation of property (unconstitutional taxation, arbitrary buildings' errections, etc.).
9. War crime of employing poisons or poisoned weappons (food chain, water, etc).
10. War crime of rape (cloustrum manipulation, date-rape chemicals, against political dissidents, etc).
11. War crime of indirecty transferring parts of Occupying Powers' populations into the territory they occupy (Evros prefecture, northern Greece above Larissa city).

Until now, it seems to me that, it would be, extremely difficult, if not impossible, the above accussations, to become effectively supported in the International Criminal Court, though, I could quite possibly, be wrong.
Concluding, I retain the right to disclosure publicly information with regard to the colonial criminality should I become recipient of further gang-stalking and/or zersetzen torture.

Christos Boumpoulis

P.S.: Until today I haven't been able to comprehend the potential benefits of what appears to my comprehension as the British aversion to resolve collective problems, by spending the minimun political capital and by creating the minimum annoyance to the other Nations. Perhaps, sometime in the future I shall become able to forsee those potential benefits.





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