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Message to, Bundeswehr, Luftwaffe and Marine 17-1-2018 (corrected) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Deutsche Militärverteidigung - Rüstungsindustrie
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Message to, Bundeswehr, Luftwaffe and Marine 17-1-2018 (corrected)


Earlier, in my imagination, I made the following story:

If I was drinking a German coffee together with three military officers, each from, the Bundeswehr, the Luftwaffe and the Marine, correspondingly, at the Memmingen Air Base, I would say to them the followings:





Theater of operations (TO) is a sub-area within a theater of war. The boundary of a TO is defined by the commander who is orchestrating or providing support for specific combat operations within the TO.

Theater of operations are divided into strategic directions or military regions depending whether it's a war or peace time.



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The social space within which we live should never, arbitrarily become, due to third parties choices, a theater of operation.

Due to certain historical facts:

  • Nations, the members of which, in order to avoid cutting each others throughts, due to inner social incoherences, they need to, perpetually, battle with other Nations', innocent, peaceful and involuntary, members, exist.

  • Nations, the members of which, in order to cover up, through pretentious, face saving, false excuses, the side effects of their narcotics related, rituals, they, involuntarily mistreat, even extremely, other Nations', innocent, peaceful and involuntary, members, exist.

  • Nations, which, either, deploy and support, within other Nations' land, some of their own members with their mentality being able and willing to cause, literary, "mass destruction", or, they, involuntarily, turn and then provide support to them, through the usage of atrocious methods like the “monarch programming”, members of the host Nations, to instrumental means of, literary, "mass destruction", in order to rescue their own, non-viable National economies, exist.

During our era where such negative phenomena manifest:

  • We, the peaceful and creative civilians wish to live.

  • We, the peaceful and creative civilians wish to enjoy our good health and a long and happy life, through our very old age.

  • We, the peaceful and creative civilians wish to fully enjoy, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.

For enjoying, peacefully each others presence, the land upon we live should be, unconditionally, declared as a non-violence zone and each and every violation of this declaration should be, promptly, excluded through simultaneous and effective, undertaking of, preemptive and corrective measures, which fully respect our Human Rights.

Within our social space the following activities should be, exclusively, allowed:

  • Playing love songs with our electric guitars to each others.

  • Resorting to mechatronics labs in order to invent and develop robotic devices for fully automating the agricultural production of asparagus.

  • Resorting to the university libraries for studying mathematics and geometry.

  • Enjoying each other companies by having long discussions about interesting and creative subjects and laughing together.

  • Enjoying long walks, with each others.

  • Working hard in order to financially support, both, our own State, as well as, our own family.

  • Enjoying watching, creative and exclusively non-dramatic, movies which embed a high quality civilization.

  • Writing love poems to the ones we love.

  • In short, any creative, peaceful and civilized activity, like the previous ones, which, paves the way, for our fellow citizens to mentally and morally excel; for our Germany as a whole to remain secure, moral, free and powerful; for our families to remain happy and to offer to our great Nation new members which are going to become, honorable, decent, prudent and exemplar, good people.

Due to the current historical circumstances, it seems to me that, an asymmetric part of the related burden, of safeguarding our Nation from the other Nations' imprudence, has to be carried by yours able solders.

I remain confident that, you are going to fulfill prudently, promptly, peacefully and successfully, your duties and consequently, that our German Nation shall fully enjoy the peaceful “fruits” of its advanced civilization.


Deutschland über alles,


Christos Boumpoulis



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The photo was found here, https://www.bundeswehr.de/resource/resource/MzEzNTM4MmUzMzMyMmUzMTM1MzMyZT




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