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Deutsche Militärverteidigung - Bundeswehr
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Message to, Bundeswehr, Luftwaffe and Marine 16-1-2018


Earlier, in my imagination, I made the following story:

If I was drinking a German coffee together with three military officers, each from, the Bundeswehr, the Luftwaffe and the Marine, correspondingly, in the bridge of a surfaced German u-boat that was located half mile from the Paralia Myrodatou, at Thrace, northern Greece, I would say to them the followings:





The brave and honorable German Armed Forces are the German Nation's defender.

The notion and the practice, of “defense” may become materialized through many different ways and consequently, may lead to a variety of different end results.

For explaining my related opinion I shall use a metaphor based upon a science fiction's subject.

Argumentum ex silentio: An argument from silence features an unwarranted conclusion advanced based on the absence of data. For example, Academic Analytics' Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index purports to measure overall faculty productivity, yet the tool does not capture data based on citations in books. This creates a possibility that low productivity measurements using the tool may constitute argumentum ex silentio fallacies, to the extent that such measurements are supported by the absence of book citation data.



Agent Smith is a fictional character and the primary antagonist in The Matrix franchise. He is portrayed by Hugo Weaving (and briefly by Ian Bliss) in the films and voiced by Christopher Corey Smith in The Matrix: Path of Neo.

In 2008, Agent Smith was selected by Empire Magazine as the 84th Greatest Movie Character of All Time.[1] In 2013, Weaving reprised the role for a General Electric advertisement.


Smith began as an Agent, an AI program in the Matrix programmed to keep order within the system by terminating human simulacra which would bring instability to the simulated reality, as well as any rogue programs that no longer serve a purpose to the Machine collective. To this end, Smith and his fellow Agents possess a number of superhuman attributes from their ability to bend the rules of the Matrix. Smith manifests his physical form by inhabiting and overwriting the simulated body of a human wired into the Matrix; by moving from body to body, he can reform himself if he is "killed" (which only kills the host body) and appear virtually anywhere. He can overcome the limitations of gravity and the human body, giving him speed and strength sufficient to dodge bullets flawlessly, punch through concrete with his bare hands, and jump impossible distances. He and other Agents wear earpieces that allow them to communicate with each other instantaneously and perceive the actions of other humans wired into the Matrix via a type of shared consciousness. When Agent Smith removes his earpiece during the first film, he is left unaware of the attack on the building in which he is holding Morpheus. Smith is armed in the first film with the Desert Eagle, chambered for high-caliber .50 AE ammunition, as is standard with all Agents within the Matrix.

At the end of the first film, Smith appears to have been deleted by Neo. However, in the sequels, Smith is revealed to have been linked to Neo, which enabled him to resist being sent to the system source where destroyed programs are permanently deleted. No longer an Agent, Smith is liberated from the Machines' control and exists as a renegade program that manifests himself akin to a self-replicating computer virus compared to his original Agent-based ability to inhabit a single body wired into the Matrix. Smith gains the power to copy his physical form onto any entity in the Matrix by phasing his hand into their body and spreading a black liquid that transforms them into a copy of himself, resulting in an ever-growing army of Smiths connected by a single consciousness. By copying himself onto a human redpill in the process of disconnecting from the Matrix, Smith overwrites their consciousness and exists in the outside world. This is seen when Smith takes over Bane's body in The Matrix Reloaded; however, he is repelled when he attempts to do the same to Morpheus and Neo. Smith's real power comes from his ability to absorb memories and powers from his victims, human and program alike, culminating in him taking over the Oracle and fighting Neo in the final battle of the Matrix series.


From the start it is evident that Agent Smith is significantly stronger, smarter, and more individualistic than other Agents. While other agents rarely act without consulting each other via their earpieces, to the point where they often finish each other's sentences, Smith is usually the one giving orders or using his earpiece to gather information for his own ends. Smith also appears to be the leader of other Agents in the first film, as he has the authority to launch Sentinel attacks in the real world. As with other Agents, Smith generally approaches problems through a pragmatic point of view but, if necessary, will also act with brute force and apparent rage, especially when provoked by Neo.

The earpieces represent some form of control mechanism by the machines. It is notable that when he is interrogating Morpheus, he sends the other agents from the room, then removes his earpiece, releasing himself from the link to the machines before expressing his opinion of humanity. Early in the second film, Smith's earpiece is sent to Neo in an envelope as a message from Smith, representing Smith's newfound freedom.

Agent Smith complains to Morpheus that the Matrix and its inhabitants smell disgusting, "if there is such a thing [as smell]". Smith has an open hatred of humans and their weakness of the flesh. He compares humanity to a virus, a disease organism that would replicate uncontrollably and eventually destroy their environment were it not for the machine intelligences keeping them in check. Ironically, Smith eventually becomes a computer virus, multiplying until he has overrun the entire Matrix.

At the same time, Smith develops an animosity towards the Matrix itself, feeling that he is as much a prisoner of it as the humans he is tasked with controlling. He later develops an immense and increasingly open desire for the destruction of both mankind and machines.

He was also shown to be a nihilist, which eventually culminates in his statement that the purpose of life is to end, and crediting Neo's life for his determining this.[4] During his final showdown with Neo, Smith angrily dismisses causes such as freedom, truth, peace, and love as simply human attempts to justify a meaningless and purposeless existence, and is completely unable to comprehend why Neo continues to fight him despite the knowledge that he cannot win.

The Wachowskis have commented that Smith's gradual humanization throughout The Matrix is a process intended to mirror and balance Neo's own increasing power and understanding of the machine world.

A writer at The Guardian commented that Smith seems to enjoy his job too much.



The personal computers remain, literary, “immortal”. This happens because, in the personal computers, the contents of their memories and their hardware, can become separated at any time. Therefore, in every case, perpetually, of a material damage at the hardware part of a certain personal computer, its owner, could buy another, brand new, personal computer's hardware and transfer inside of it, the content of the memory of the damaged hardware, thus, completely returning to his prior condition of the, perfectly working personal computer's owner.

Now, let us make the unrealistic working hypothesis that, the human brain's reverse engineering had been concluded successfully and thus, the content of, any human being's, biological memory can be decrypted and then, stored, in a digital form, in a computer's large hard disk drive. And also that, the reverse process has become also possible, meaning, to fully replace, anyones biological memory's content with the human memory of another human being.

The interesting issue which is being risen, by this working hypothesis, is whether, this hypothetical technological advancement is equivalent with, offering to our human kind the ability to become immortal.

A rather shallow perspective of this issue could claim that, as the personal identity of any human being is comprised by the content of his memory and as his perception of himself, through the ability to access his unique memory space, would remain intact, the exchanging of his material body, should be considered as being irrelevant and he should actually be considered as an immortal human being.

However, one, could rise the issue of a categorization change. Meaning that, the mortal human beings, know that they, actually, are mortal; thus, they gain the freedom to express; to manifest; to embed; and ultimately, to become, kind; compassionate; honest; just; trustworthy; respectful; honorable; regretful; humble; brave, etc.

On the other hand, it is impossible to transfer a human memory, from one biological body to another one, without “adding” the knowledge of this, memory transfer, namely, the gained personal property of supposed “immortality”.

According, to mathematical logic and to the common sense, there is no logical bases for any, supposedly, immortal human being to behave any differently than an ordinary, hungry predator of the animals' kingdom.

From the perspective of the current working hypothesis, the claim that, “the ability of exchanging the content of the human biological memory's contents, between, two different individuals, manifests the immortality of our human kind” is, definitely, false and constitutes a characteristic case of Argumentum ex silentio.

Actually, the moment when, the memory exchanging takes place, the human being becomes degraded to another, categorically different entity. Thus, immortal, become, not the, initially mortal, human being, but, instead, immortal becomes, actually, the new, most probably monstrous, specie that, the memory exchanging, indirectly, (de-) generated.

If you could see inside the souls of us all, you, literary, would easily locate the mark of a truly magnificent Nation/civilization.

Any kind of defense; any kind of protection; any kind of care or concern, in favor of the German Nation, that would fail to retain, unadulterated, the authentic collective/personal German identity, constitutes a colossal failure.

Therefore, actually defending Germany, according to my opinion, presupposes among many other things, the accurate identification of what, Germany, is; and the perpetual measuring and monitoring of the stability of this identity, in order for Germany to remain magnificent and also, in order to make sure that Germany enjoys freely every right; and every opportunity; to, spontaneously, evolve, exclusively, by hers own will; by hers own way; and by hers own means.


Deutschland über alles,


Christos Boumpoulis



U2 - Magnificent



The photo was found here, https://www.bundeswehr.de/resource/resource/MzEzNTM4MmUzMzMyMmUzMTM1MzMyZT




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