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Δευτέρα, 08 Ιανουάριος 2018 14:54





My father's death

 My father was Takis Bompolas and I am proud that I have been his son.
Watching today the news, both those concerning Greece and the international ones, I realized the distance between the pompous reports and announcements of prominent officials, and on the other hand the lasting stability by which, the basic collective problems of the human societies remain unresolved, that is, aging, unemployment, non-respect for human rights and the lack of democracy.
It couldn't be otherwise in our days as, all sacred and invaluable entities have become commercial commodities: duty, trustworthiness, authority, interpersonal relations, honor, reputation, human life, etc. The point of reference of almost all people has become the monetary interest. The deeds of men are determined, exclusively, by the measure of the monetary interest.
That was what I was thinking and considering that it has now ceased all the respectfulness in our time. And if not, one could identify what is left of it.
After a little meditation, in my mind the figure of my father was recalled. To my father (and to my teachers) I find what has been saved of respectfulness, in our creepy times.
My father was born in Kalamata in 1931. From his youth until his death, he remained an authentic personality. He never betrayed the basic characteristics of his personality. Whenever he encountered a problem on his way, literary, “epavorated” it. The intelligence with which he solved any problem was profound. He was persistently dignified. He also used to identified instantly, to honor and cared for, true beauty. From his youth to this day, he was and remained until his death, a nobleman.
In the 1960s, the existing social structures that were in the forefront, in Greece were promoting to the positions of power, all the most luben elements of the Greek society. In such social structures, personal characteristics like my father's, were annoying to those lowly elements. His virtues and his moral values, had been inadvertently exposing deficits of those others. His dignity and courtesy rendered the crudity of the others the more overt.
My father chosen to be authentic. He refused to become a snitch; he refused to become a rude; he refused to become an bully; he refused to capitalize on his dignity; he refused to renounce his gifts; he refused to become just one more bump.
The price he paid for his choices was very high. He was slandered and tortured; literally, he martyred. But that cost did not changed him. He remained authentic.
Until the day he died and despite the suffering he has suffered, he remained a keen problem solver, he continued to identify, appreciate and care for beauty and remained an authentic nobleman.
My father, in some cases, I judged unfairly. I did not knew then, neither about the luben part of societies, nor about the Byzantine-type atrocities that govern human societies. I apologized to him.
If one, he was asking me a personal example of respectfullness, I would refer him to my father's personality; I would point him to my hero.
Approximately, on January 2012, I return to Greece were I found my father staying at his private residence, an apartment in a multi-store residence building, at the city of Voula, Greece.
For the period between, January 2012 and January 2015, according to my parents, the apartment located in the same building, at the upper next floor, was intermittently rented to a group of people who were speaking the Russian language, who seemed like being Russian natives and who possessed a very expensive luxury car, Mercedes 500, with very dark windshields and foreign license plates.
Once, one of our visitors who knew the Russian language and overheard those neighbors talking very loudly at their mobile phones while they were in their veranda made same rather interesting comments. And approximately at January 2015, my mother informed about them that, if I understood her well, which probably, but not certainly, I did understood here well, a large police operation had been performed and they had been arrested.
During that period (January 2012 – January 2015) my father's health was, gradually, deteriorating. The one problem was with the unexplained manifestations of many, symmetrically, spread areas of ischemia, in his brain, which deprived him the ability to walk and also the unexplained, severe destruction of the cartilage of one of his two hips. My father used to sleep, in his bead, always turned to a specific one, of his sides.

God may rest his soul.

Christos Boumpoulis

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