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Boumpoulis and MKULTRA (apology) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Τετάρτη, 03 Ιανουάριος 2018 03:57

NDD1 device - Robotic Mind Control - Mark Phillips



Boumpoulis and MKULTRA

Update 4/1/2018, 00:46. I have just watched the initial youtube video with Cathy O'Brien and I found out that it was inappropriate; for this reason I sincerely apologize.


During the last few days the colonialists have displayed extreme nervousness. The reasons are the followings.

During the 70s my heroic father was victimized and tortured inhumanly, for his political dissent.

At that instance I was chosen for involuntarily participating at some of the colonialists' illegitimate, human experimentations.

Initially, I was deprived from my human rights by organized crime's methods which were perpetrated by people of the underworld.

Then, inhumane experiments were perpetrated.

During 1999 I rose some lawful concerns which indicated that I had reassociated with the reality. The colonialists' reaction was to commit a crime against me for which I filed a lawsuit, on 2013.

During 2006 I presented for one more time a professional achievement which was exposing the false personal profile that the colonialists had fabricated for me. Their reaction was that they put a group of their people to try to apply Monarch programming upon me in order to degrade me. At that instance I experienced some signs of poisoning and in a few days I caught on action one of the Britons' people to through a pill in my coffee. I made thorough notes in my 2006 diary and changed my professional environment.

After a short period of time I had some pain in my left side, which I neglected and got very near to dieing.

During 2010 I published an article by which I supported my unjustly victimized father and consequently, an extreme zersetzen torture started which intended to victimize me. Some of the incredible and illegitimate methods which were used, by the colonialists, against me, I have indirectly described in related articles in my website www.agorapoliton.gr. At that time I was hospitalized three times for infection of an internal organ.

On 2011 I resorted to northern Europe in order to escape the tzersetzen torture but instead I survived from at least four assassination attempts against me.

On 2012 I returned to Greece, bared the continued tzersetzen torture and at the first Sunday of March 2013 I survived from another assassination attempt against me, at the Egnatia Odos national road, at the area of Kavala city, where many sharp turns exist.

On May 2014 an attempt for framing me was perpetrated and I decided to resort again to the northern Europe.

During my absence, people from the British services made a burglary in my permanent residence, stolen my 2006 diary and another notebook which contained technical notes from my work as a security systems installer and made extensive vandalism in my house interiors.

Currently I receive through the Internet's social media information which could by interpreted to probable threats of becoming jailed through fabricated, false allegations against me.

The reader might want to know, why there is so extreme persecution on behalf of the colonialists.

The answer is that, I was not only deprogrammed by a method that I invented but also I realized the details of how the MKULTRA methods have been applied in order to become contemporary colonialism's instrumental means.

I know names, front organizations, methods and illegitimate activities.

Concluding I would like to point out that, not only me but certainly many others also, we have pass through numerous, unbelievable to the common sense tortures in the hands of the colonialists.

We are afraid to reveal everything because the colonialists, most probably, shall use brutal methods to exterminate us while, the security authorities, in most of the cases, have been reoriented towards the colonialists interests.

This is the current situation and it will not change as far as the citizens everywhere offer support to the colonialists, so willingly and so generously.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Due to my slow Internet connection I didn't watched the content of the above Youtube video with Cathy O'Brien. Specifically about the holograms that she mentions similar descriptions I heard from another MKULTRA victim and I have reasons to believe that the sense of the holograms may create an electronic implant inside the eye ball of the victim.


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