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Zersetzen Torture: Street Theater

Street Theater

A general category of harassment, “street theater” can include some of the tactics described above and below, and simply refers to any sort of staged encounter with one or more perpetrators in public. Typically, both the comments and actions of the perpetrators are carefully scripted to resonate with the victim, but appear benign if captured on video or seen by witnesses.

Blocking/Cutting-Off/Invasion of Personal Space

One example of gang stalking “street theater” is to cut-off the victim – when he or she is walking, driving, or riding a bicycle. A related tactic is to crowd the victim by rudely invading his or her space or brushing against the person. Since this occasionally happens to everyone in the normal course of events, accounts by the victim will likely sound paranoid when described to others. Also, anyone nearby will be unlikely to notice – let alone understand that the action was deliberate.

This tactic was described – among other places – in some information posted in the late 1990s by a small group based in Canada called Spy & Counterspy – whose website indicated that they wanted to reveal tactics used by corrupt and repressive law enforcement agencies. This was part of the group’s self-description:

We are located just across the border in Canada (nine miles outside the reach of the FBI, BATF, DEA, and other goon squads).

The group – which claimed to have sources in the intelligence and law enforcement industry – reported that the FBI uses a tactic called “managed aggression” when they are trying to apply pressure to the subject of a surveillance operation.

This is their description of this psychological operations tactic:

Here is an example of how an FBI surveillance team will deliberately provoke you.

When you’re walking through a mall or a downtown shopping district, the surveillance team will intentionally interfere with your route. A pavement artist will “absent-mindedly” cross your path, forcing you to change course to avoid walking into him. A group of agents will “inadvertently” obstruct your path – they’ll be standing together chatting, forcing you to walk around them. Other pavement artists will “accidentally” create near-misses as you walk along. Some of these “pedestrians” will create situations with a potential for a head-on collision, forcing you to dodge them.

As the psychological pressure continues to build, agents may “innocently” bump into you, jostle you, or step on your heel from behind. A group of pavement artists will cue up ahead of you, creating a line-up that delays you as you try to make a purchase, order fast food, buy tickets, and so on.

Activity like this can quickly create frustration, even anger, in you. But because the incidents occur in public locations, it’s difficult to prove who’s behind them. You never see any agent more than once. You don’t know where the next provocation is going to come from. You’re beginning to get upset, irritated, unstable. You’re more likely to make mistakes in judgment. And that’s exactly what the surveillance team wants.

As the authors also mentioned, the tactic’s effectiveness is much greater when it is unexpected:

This is a wicked mind-game. It can be very effective if you’re not anticipating it.

Targets of gang stalking should expect this tactic and have a clear idea in mind of how they will respond. Here is a good response to this tactic – or for that matter, any type of street harassment by a “pavement artist.”

Put your cell phone to your ear as if you are on a phone call (if you don’t have a cell phone immediately accessible, just put your hand to your ear as if you were holding a cell phone – it doesn’t need to be convincing), look directly at the perp’s face and smile and say – very loudly:

They sent a brown-noser! Can you hear me? Sorry, I have a bad cell phone connection – I’ll try to talk loudly. I said: They sent a brown-noser! Yeah, just some retard who will do anything he’s told. He doesn’t even know who he’s working for. Just some brown-noser! I said: he’s just some brown-noser!

Keep smiling and looking at the perp and wink at him. Message delivered.


As described in some of the sections below, perpetrators of organized stalking sometimes make use of various cutting-edge technologies, but psychological torture does not require electronic hardware. Nor does it even require unconventional psychology.

A basic concept in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is that a particular stimulus – such as a sound or gesture – can become associated or “anchored” in the thoughts and reactions of an individual through repetition. Gang stalkers exploit this phenomenon by repeatedly performing a particular action – such as generating a particular sound as part of a noise harassment campaign.

Since the victim is made aware that the sound is an element of the harassment, his or her mind will naturally begin responding to that sound as a “trigger” for a negative emotional reaction. It’s a way to keep the victim constantly agitated because he or she will have the negative response whenever stalkers generate the sound – or even when the sound occurs in the normal course of events.


Similar to sensitization, “synchronizing” is when gang stalking perp’s always perform a particular action at the same moment as a particular action by the victim. For example, whenever the victim leaves his residence, a stalker in the area will cough or honk a horn or slam a door. It is a way of reminding the targeted individual that he or she is under constant surveillance.

Noise Harassment

One of the major weapons in the arsenal of gang stalkers is noise.

The tactic is ancient; it has been used in siege warfare for centuries. If you want to see a good dramatic portrayal of it, watch the final episode of Season 2 of Game of Thrones, in which a horn was sounded constantly to break-down a character (Theon) in the castle Winterfell, which was under siege.

It was widely reported that loud music was used by the U.S. military in its invasion of Panama in 1989 to harass General Manuel Noriega and flush him from the Vatican Embassy where he was holed-up. Accounts differ about exactly how and why the tactic was used in that instance, but no one questions the potential effectiveness of noise to create distress.

As with many of the tactics described here, the cumulative effects are difficult to fully appreciate if you haven’t personally been on the sharp end of them. Among other things, the tactic can be used to cause sleep deprivation, which in turn can create additional problems, both physical and psychological.

If gang stalkers have access to a residence adjacent to that of the victim (especially, for example, in an apartment building or condominium complex), they can easily generate noises that will be heard only by the target.

As is typical of psychological operations tactics used by FBI minions, harassment by noise is virtually impossible to prove. You could record the noise, but you could not prove where and when you made the recording – let alone where the sound came from or who was generating it. Moreover, even if you could prove all of that, it would be difficult or impossible to legally establish that the perpetrator was conspiring with anyone else to deliberately harass you.


Since gang stalking victims are normally under virtually constant surveillance, and since they are rarely in a position to afford counter-surveillance measures to capture evidence of the harassment being done, it’s easy to commit minor acts of vandalism against their premises and belongings. This can be dumping trash on the lawn, scratching the paint of their car, or whatever. Victims should not assume that perpetrators are above doing physical harm to their pets either; I know this both from personal experience and from accounts by a few individuals I have reasons to regard as very credible.


Baiting is any effort to evoke a response by the victim which can be used to discredit or legally ensnare him. In a sense, all gang stalking tactics are forms of baiting because their cumulative effect will eventually drive the victim to respond in ways that will create additional trouble.


Victims of gang stalking sometimes report that perpetrators mimic their words and actions as a form of zersetzung (psychological degradation). This was reported for example in the Washington Post Magazine’s 2007 cover article on gang stalking. Novelist Gloria Naylor – a self-proclaimed victim of organized stalking – related that she had been harassed that way:

On an airplane, fellow passengers mimicked her every movement — like mimes on a street.



The last few days I witnessed two incidents.


1st incident.

Late in the afternoon I was walking towards my parked, private car traveling a three kilometers distance. At a certain point of the way were the public lighting was poor, I heard a noise close behind me and instantly, I turned my head to see what it was. The source of that noise was the friction of th shoes on the pavement of an unknown to me person who was walking, with no obvious reason, just few centimeters close to my back. This proximity scared me to death and made me to instantly, move to the side and let this person move way from me. His physiognomy seemed like being originated from the middle east.

2nd incident.

I was checking out with my groceries at a super market while, an unknown to me person came, from the direction of exiting the cashier's queue, stood right beside me and started acting unexpectedly, seemingly as being acquainted to me, though he was totally unknown to me, and obstructed the procedure of checking out. As, potentially, speaking to him would create false impressions about a non-existent acquaintance with this unknown to me person, I said nothing at all; I stood still and waited for him to decide and leave away. After a sort time he told me something in the German language, which I didn't understood and then, he turned and left away. His physiognomy seemed like being European.


Those two incidents could be, either, arbitrary and meaningless, ordinary expressions of the anxious living within one of the western world's large cities, or, it could be manifestations of gang stalking, namely, “Invasion of Personal Space”, for the first incident and “Baiting”, for the second incident.

From August 2010 until today I have witnessed few hundreds of similar, equally difficult to categorize, incidents and in the hypothetical case that, most of those incidents were orchestrated by the colonialists as means of performing gang stalking against me, then, I might conclude that, retaining any kind of relationships, with the colonialists is an insult to the sacred core of the existence of those of us which we inhabit the civilized part of our world.


Christos Boumpoulis




"America has never quite forgiven Europe for having been discovered somewhat earlier in history than itself."

"America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between."


Oscar Wild