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Is, the European Union, a composite failed State? PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Σάββατο, 18 Νοέμβριος 2017 00:08
Is, the European Union, a composite failed State?
Failed State
A failed state is a political body that has disintegrated to a point where basic conditions and responsibilities of a sovereign government no longer function properly. Likewise, when a nation weakens and its standard of living declines, it introduces the possibility of total governmental collapse. The Fund for Peace characterizes a failed state as having the following characteristics:
- Loss of control of its territory, or of the monopoly on the legitimate use of physical force therein
- Erosion of legitimate authority to make collective decisions
- Inability to provide public services
- Inability to interact with other states as a full member of the international community
Common characteristics of a failing state include a central government so weak or ineffective that it has an inability to raise taxes or other support, and has little practical control over much of its territory and hence there is a non-provision of public services. When this happens, widespread corruption and criminality, the intervention of non-state actors, the appearance of refugees and the involuntary movement of populations, and sharp economic decline can occur.
The level of government control required to avoid being considered a failed state varies considerably amongst authorities. Furthermore, the declaration that a state has "failed" is generally controversial and, when made authoritatively, may carry significant geopolitical consequences.

Currently, in Greece, terrible things are happening:

- The systematic violations of the citizens' Human Rights have been formally institutionalized through the isolation, of the State's judicial files and the State's archives, by institutionalized non-State actors. Murders, physical torturing, intended health deprivations, zersetzen torturing, arbitrary, displacements and exiles, political persecutions, etc. are, systematically, being committed, against innocent Greek civilians.

- The enormous Greece's material wealths include, oil, natural gas, copper, rear earths, uranium, gold, renewable energy sources and others. Due to overt and negative colonial influence, on behalf of U2RIT, Greece was externally forced to suffer an extreme economic crisis which caused the unjust death of, approximately, ten thousands innocent civilians.

- The Greek State's social foundations violate their formal duties systematically (Judicial, Political, internal Security, Medical, Military, mass Media, Academic, etc. systems).

- Multi billion euros worth useless military supplies are being, systematically, bought and then, multi billion euros worth upgrading of those, literary, military garbages, is performed. The Greek military leadership remain idle while, the Greek Constitution is systematically violated; useless military supplies are bought; and Greece's National Sovereignty is being diminished.

- The colonialist, by persecuting, beyond any respect of the international law and the moral principles, the remaining (those who haven't been murdered) honest and patriotic Greek politicians, have led them in such dire straits that, some of them may have even resorted to monetary refunding for the plastic bottles for beverages they find in the public garbage cans, for financing their food. At the same time 'black ops' against the, existing in Greece, political dissent, are being committed.

- There is a private monopoly in the processing of the Greek National Elections' results, for some decades now.

- A large scale infiltration is being committed, during the past few decades, in the Evros prefecture, Thrace region, northern Greece.

- The supposed 'Greek' political system, systematically, issues new legislation which, betrays even the most fundamental National interests and which violates the Human Rights by, even, the most inhumane ways.

- The Judicial and the mass Media and the internal Security, systems, jointly indulge, intentionally or by negligence, to an unprecedented promotion of 'entertainment crimes' in order to, probably, destruct the public opinion from realizing the root causes (colonialism) of Greece's devastating problems.

And while all this terrible things are happening to Greece, the European Union (with the Germans being the only positive exception, as they truly tried, despite their own dire straits, to help) pretends that everything is all right, turns the other way and does 'business as usual'.

This specific kind of an European Union, namely, a quasi mixture of, piratical ship, Psychouska and Gulag, shall never secure, for the European Nations, a bright and worthy future and for this reason its internal, structure and dynamics, must become, as soon as possible, deeply reformed.

Christos Boumpoulis



Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Κυριακή, 19 Νοέμβριος 2017 19:18