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The borderline between, conformity and unfair advantage PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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The borderline between, conformity and unfair advantage


The opposite for courage is not cowardice, it is conformity. Even a dead fish can go with the flow.

Jim Hightower


During the past 56 hours a lot of supposed propaganda has been circulated, through the mass media, by the colonialists. For this reason, I though that it might be useful to do a small research about the circumstances which, members of the natural leaderships, of various, corresponding Nations, have been facing, during that time frame.

The outcome of this research was alarming, as, I found indications about, a generalized “wave” of zersetzen torture that was directed against the advocates of civilization and, in one occasion, an attempt to forge a false document, by trying to steal an unwilling signature, after having used, according to those sufficient indications, against the unsuspected victim, a military grade, non-fire, weapon.

Since there is no way to verify the accuracy of those indications, I retain reservations about them.

However, simultaneously with the alleged zesetzen torture, of the civilization's advocates, an important moral issue, according to my opinion, has emerged.

Undoubtedly, each and every Nation has his own natural leadership. And the members, of those natural leaderships, despite whether those members remain burdened, also, with the responsibilities of a formal leadership, or, not, by definition, they struggle for the benefit, both, of the members of their own Nation, as well as, of the civilization as a whole.

The supposed moral issue has to do about the kind of reaction which is manifested by the members of each Nation if, and when, the members of its corresponding natural leadership are facing, real and present threats, and/or, struggle to realize enormously difficult moral achievements, for the benefit of their people.




For an hypothetical example, lets suppose that, an human rights' activist politically confronts publicly, while he is willingly undertaking all the related personal risks which, such confrontations, by default, entail, with advocates of the authoritarian part of our human kind. How, the activist's fellow citizens shall react to the active, moral heroism of their natural leader? Shall they e.g. peacefully protest, intermittently, for seven consecutive days, in order to support and encourage their benefactor? Or, instead, they are going to get, from the supermarket, a delicious frozen pizza and a French champagne, for having a nice party with their wife?




There is sufficient information, within the Internet, for anyone who wishes to remain truly informed, about, what is, currently, the trouble with the international community.




Those which committed, by themselves, or, by “proxi” (mentally poisoned, unsuspected) perpetrators, all the previous atrocious genocides, have already been fortified in order to commit the next ones. They possess enormous experience which has been earned through many centuries. Therefore, the stakes remain with them.




For the above reasons, I believe that, it would be an enormously unjust waste of true value letting the, very few manifestations of excellent and kind leadership, which have survived the unkindness of our era, to become, initially, the colonialists' scape goats, and becoming exterminated afterwards, just because the members of their corresponding societies have become pseudo-conformists.

Instead, I find as being more useful, though painful, having, the pseudo-conformist societies share, with the Russian Nation, the flaws of being governed by pseudo-Bolsheviks, and also with the American native Indians, the flaws of being pseudo-civilized by pseudo-civilizers. And after this lesson having been learned, the survived natural leaderships of the Nations may efficiently guide their people towards, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.


Therefore, if, within the next seven days (until 00:00 of 12/9/2017), the citizens of the Nations, shall not, massively, peacefully, actively and wholeheartedly, offer, both, their political and practical support, as well as, their external good testimony, to where they should, then, for the corresponding natural leadership's members, it would be better to, justly, withdrew from all their collectively beneficial endeavors and concentrate their efforts, exclusively, on how to remain, themselves, safe and sound, during this recurrence of collective monstrosity.


Excellence and kindness are not worthless consumable commodities.

The Nations which, potentially, neglect, and/or, degrade, and/or, despise, excellence and kindness, are destined to remain, deprived from excellence and deprived from kindness; unfortunately.


Christos Boumpoulis



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