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Is Europe being caught in the webs of foreign, envy and malice?


Skorpios or Scorpios (Greek: Σκορπιός, pronounced [skorˈpços]) is a private island in the Ionian Sea off the western coast of Greece and just to the east of the island of Lefkada. The 2011 census reported a population of five inhabitants. Administratively it is part of the municipality of Meganisi in Lefkada regional unit. Coordinates:38.692°N 20.743°E.



Donald Trump has warned of a "severe" punishment for Kim Jong-un following North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missile test.



Στα υπό διαχείριση πλοία απασχολούνται σήμερα 600 περίπου ναυτικοί, από τους οποίους οι 200 είναι Έλληνες και οι 80 Ρώσοι αξιωματικοί και οι υπόλοιποι 320 αλλοδαποί ναύτες.



Κατηγορείται πως καταχράστηκε 3,2 εκατομμύρια ευρώ για ιππικούς αγώνες

Τον κίνδυνο να βρεθεί ενώπιον των δικαστηρίων της Βραζιλίας αντιμετωπίζει η μοναδική κληρονόμος της αμύθητης περιουσίας του Αριστοτέλη Ωνάση, Αθηνά.

Αφορμή για τις κατηγορίες κατάχρησης δημοσίου χρήματος στάθηκαν καταγγελίες για μη ορθή αξιοποίηση κρατικών κονδυλίων ύψους 3,2 εκατομμυρίων ευρώ που της δόθηκαν από το κράτος της Βραζιλίας προκειμένου να αξιοποιηθούν για τους σκοπούς του Athina Onassis Horse Show.



Στο μικροσκόπιο της Δικαιοσύνης τα συμβόλαια για την εκμίσθωση του νησιού στη Γιεκατερίνα Ριμπολόβλεβα

Η ελληνική Δικαιοσύνη αναλαμβάνει πλέον να ερευνήσει τα όρια της νομιμότητας στην απόφαση της Αθηνάς με οδηγό τη διαθήκη του Αριστοτέλη Ωνάση, η οποία θα μπει στο «μικροσκόπιο».

Όπως αναφέρει δημοσίευμα κυριακάτικης εφημερίδας, ο Έλληνας μεγιστάνας είχε ξεκαθαρίσει πριν φύγει από τη ζωή ότι επιθυμούσε ο Σκορπιός και η διπλανή Σπάρτη να παραμείνουν στου κληρονόμους του.

Ωστόσο στο άρθρο 9 της διαθήκης του είχε προβλέψει το ενδεχόμενο να μην είναι σε θέση οι κληρονόμοι να συντηρήσουν τα νησιά και μόνο σ' αυτή την περίπτωση όριζε να περάσουν είτε στο ελληνικό Δημόσιο είτε στην Ολυμπιακή Αεροπορία που του ανήκε όταν συντάχθηκε η διαθήκη.



The Cuban Missile Crisis, also known as the October Crisis (Spanish: Crisis de Octubre), the Caribbean Crisis (Russian: Карибский кризис, Karibskij krizis), or the Missile Scare, was a 13-day (October 16–28, 1962) confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union concerning American ballistic missile deployment in Italy and Turkey with consequent Soviet ballistic missile deployment in Cuba. The confrontation is often considered the closest the Cold Warcame to escalating into a full-scale nuclear war.

In response to the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion of 1961 and the presence of American Jupiter ballistic missiles in Italy and Turkey, Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchevdecided to agree to Cuba's request to place nuclear missiles on the island to deter a future invasion. An agreement was reached during a secret meeting between Khrushchev and Fidel Castro in July 1962 and construction of a number of missile launch facilities started later that summer.

The United States elections, 1962 were under way in the United States and the White House had denied charges that it was ignoring dangerous Soviet missiles 90 miles from Florida. The missile preparations were confirmed when an Air Force U-2 spy plane produced clear photographic evidence of medium-range (SS-4) andintermediate-range (R-14) ballistic missile facilities. The US established a military blockade to prevent further missiles from reaching Cuba. It announced that they would not permit offensive weapons to be delivered to Cuba and demanded that the weapons already in Cuba be dismantled and returned to the Soviet Union.

After a long period of tense negotiations, an agreement was reached between US President John F. Kennedy and Khrushchev. Publicly, the Soviets would dismantle their offensive weapons in Cuba and return them to the Soviet Union, subject to United Nations verification, in exchange for a US public declaration and agreement to avoid invading Cuba again. Secretly, the United States also agreed that it would dismantle all U.S.-built Jupiter MRBMs, which had been deployed in Turkey and Italy against the Soviet Union.

When all offensive missiles and Ilyushin Il-28 light bombers had been withdrawn from Cuba, the blockade was formally ended on November 21, 1962. The negotiations between the United States and the Soviet Union pointed out the necessity of a quick, clear, and direct communication line between Washington and Moscow. As a result, the Moscow–Washington hotline was established. A series of agreements reduced US-Soviet tensions for several years.

From the very beginning, the Soviets' operation entailed elaborate denial and deception, known as "maskirovka". All the planning and preparation for transporting and deploying the missiles were carried out in the utmost secrecy, with only a very few told the exact nature of the mission. Even the troops detailed for the mission were given misdirection by being told that they were headed for a cold region and being outfitted with ski boots, fleece-lined parkas, and other winter equipment. The Soviet codename was Operation Anadyr. The Anadyr River flows into the Bering Sea, and Anadyr is also the capital of Chukotsky District and a bomber base in the far eastern region. All the measures were meant to conceal the program from both internal and external audiences.

Specialists in missile construction under the guise of "machine operators," "irrigation specialists," and "agricultural specialists" arrived in July. A total of 43,000 foreign troops would ultimately be brought in. Marshal Sergei Biryuzov, chief of the Soviet Rocket Forces, led a survey team that visited Cuba. He told Khrushchev that the missiles would be concealed and camouflaged by palm trees.



The bombing of Dresden was a British/American aerial bombing attack on the city of Dresden, the capital of the German state of Saxony, that took place during the Second World War in the European Theatre. In four raids between 13 and 15 February 1945, 722 heavy bombers of the British Royal Air Force (RAF) and 527 of the United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) dropped more than 3,900 tons of high-explosive bombs and incendiary devices on the city. The bombing and the resulting firestorm destroyed over 1,600 acres (6.5 km2) of the city centre. An estimated 22,700 to 25,000 people were killed, although inflated casualty figures have been claimed over the years. Three more USAAF air raids followed, two occurring on 2 March aimed at the city's railroad marshaling yard and one small raid on 17 April aimed at industrial areas.

Immediate German propaganda claims following the attacks and post-war discussions on whether the attacks were justified has led to the bombing becoming one of the moral causes célèbres of the war. A 1953 United States Air Force report defended the operation as the justified bombing of a strategic target, which they noted was a major rail transport and communication centre, housing 110 factories and 50,000 workers in support of the German war effort. Several researchers have asserted that not all of the communications infrastructure, such as the bridges, was targeted, nor were the extensive industrial areas outside the city centre. Critics of the bombing have claimed that Dresden was a cultural landmark of little or no strategic significance, and that the attacks were indiscriminate area bombing and not proportionate to the commensurate military gains.

Large variations in the claimed death toll have fueled the controversy. In March 1945, the German government ordered its press to publish a falsified casualty figure of 200,000 for the Dresden raids, and death toll estimates as high as 500,000 have been given. The city authorities at the time estimated no more than 25,000 victims, a figure that subsequent investigations supported, including a 2010 study commissioned by the city council.





"If malice or envy were tangible and had a shape, it would be the shape of a boomerang."

- Charley Reese



Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: There is no German-Greek brotherhood's substitute, in Peace making.




Note: The photo was found here https://static.theglobeandmail.ca/053/sports/soccer/article4363230.ece/ALTERNATES/ w620/EUR118_Soccer_Euro_2012_Germany_Greece.JPG.




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