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Very low gate keepers' requsite variety, as a means of States' Misconduct PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Πέμπτη, 13 Ιούλιος 2017 19:16

The BEST of Dinosaurs



Very low gate keepers' requsite variety, as a means of States' Misconduct


Within a community, a state of equalibrium is aparted, simultaneously, by, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.

Also, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity, simultaneously and absolutely, presuppose an effective and adequate foundation of Justice.


Requisite Variety Law

The Law of Requisite Variety shows that regulation can be measured and that the maximum possible effectiveness of a regulator will be directly measurable by a comparison between the variety of the regulator and that of the reguland.
Ashby gives a trivial example of a press photographer who has twenty subjects, each with a distinct distance and exposure. If the photographs are to be of uniform density and sharpness, the camera must have at least twenty settings. Ashby says, 'in its elementary forms, the law is intuitively obvious and hardly deserving statement. Where the law, in its quantitative form, develops it's power is when we consider the system in which these matters are not so obvious, and particularly when it is very large... thus the law, though trite in simple cases, can give real guidance in those cases that are much too complex to be handled by unaided intuition'. [B. Clemson, Cybernetics: a new management tool, 1984, Abacus press]

Requisite variety law: The control achievable by a given regulatory sub-system over a given system is limited by 1) the variety of the regulator, and 2) the channel capacity between the regulator and the system. An alternate statement of the law is that the upper limit on the amount of regulation achievable is given by the variety of the regulatory system divided by the variety of the regulated system.

[W. Ross Ashby, Introduction to Cybernetics]


Managerial implication: The degree to which an organization can be regulated is limited by the variety of the organization's regulatory systems, including the management itself and all of the management systems and regulatory procedures utilized.

[Ibid, p. 216-217]


A community's Judicial system always remains profoundly governed by the law of requisite variety.

For example, by positioning a very low requisite variety's regulator in a gate keeper's position, which is crucial for a specific system's overall viability, is an effective way to, even, destroy this system.

More specifically, anyone who avoids accountability, due to, having committed, or, presently committing, crimes, has a motive to lower, as much as possible, the requisite varieties of all judicial system's gate keepers.

In the international relationships environment this issue remains, more or less, the same.

For example, in order for two specific States to establish an equilibrium within their bilateral relationships, very high requisite varieties' regulators should have been positioned at the gate keepers' functions of,

  • "counting the votes in their political elections",

  • their governments' personel,

  • their judicial systems' personel.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for this pair of States to retain good bilateral relationship.

In cases of predetory bilateral relationships, where, there is one predetory State and one (or more) victim(s) State(s) the above conclusion applies also.

For example, the Chile's historical dictatorship's insident, along with the, then developments with regard to the Chile's copper mineral resources colonial exploitation, would never had be realized without the simultaneous presence of, a low variety's U.S.A. government (Richard Nixon), a low variety's Chile's government (Augusto Pinocet) and the Chile's judicial system being corrupted.

By using the above line of thoughts we could, probably, disclosure the root causes of Greece's current political negative developments.

More specifically, in order for Greece to enjoy, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity, issues, which lay within U.S.A. and Greece bilateral relationship, like, involuntary human organ/tissues exploitation, involuntary humans' medical experimentation, illicit mercenary army, adulterated political elections votes' counting, illicit terrorists' training centers, political assassinations, colonial subjugation, and many others of this sort, should, previously and legitimately, vindicated.

Who might claim that that, adequate requisite variety remains a property of, the U.S.A.'s government; the Greece's government; the Greek Judicial system's personel and the Greek votes counting system's personel?

  • Among Greece's very large mineral resources belong, more than one hundread times, Chile's, copper mineral quantities; natural gas, mineral oil, rare minerals (σπάνιες γαίες), uranium, etc.

  • Enormous monetary values, originated from the European Union, have been, illegaly, missproprieted by various colonial methods.

  • There are issues with regard to, involuntary human organ/tissues exploitation, involuntary humans' medical experimentation, illicit mercenary army, adulterated political elections votes' counting, illicit terrorists' training centers, political assassinations

Concluding, I would like to underline the fact that, according to my opinion, the most clear indication about a future, prospect, U.S.A.'s decision to undertake the accountability of their, past and present, missdeeds, like every other civilized country, would be the simultaneous materialization of:

  • Letting, Greece's and U.S.A.'s, corresponding, governments become undertaken by, very high requisite varieties' members of their, respected States.

  • Letting Greek political election votes' counting to become fare.

  • Letting very high requisite variety's Greeks become, exclusively, Greek judicial system's personel.

  • Releasing, unharmed, safe and sound, from the set of the Greek political dissidents, those who remain hostages, by one way or another, of the informal colonial federation.

Have, the colonialists, become Nikos Foskolos', the excellent Greek movies writter, followers and students?

Have, the colonialists, any idea about the long term negative consquences, upon themselves, of their perpetuating, political misconduct?


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: From what it seems, the facts that, even dinosaurs, eventually, perissed to exits, while, kindness, after centuries of immense persecussion, still flaureses, offers, sadly, no constructive meaning to the colonialists. (I retain some reservation about the above video because, due to slow internet connection, it wasn't possible to watch its complete content).


Τελευταία Ενημέρωση στις Πέμπτη, 13 Ιούλιος 2017 20:11