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GR->DE internal memo: Why to support Russia, China? PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Δευτέρα, 05 Ιούνιος 2017 23:14

GR->DE internal memo: Why to support Russia, China?


There is an issue with regard to Russia and China.

Both of these Nation remain in a difficult position.

Their choices, with regard to their bilateral relationships with Greece, dictate, partially, the support Greece could offer them in order for them to enjoy, at some time in the future, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.

What should we do for them? Is there any reason, according to moral justice, for supporting them?


Russian Federation

The facts.

Death rate of all cancers per 100.000.

Russia 155,28 rank: 15th

Germany 131,38 rank: 41th

Greece 123,71 rank: 57th



Cancer rate per 100.000.

Germany 283,8

Russia 247,1 Male

Greece 163,0



Russia has the largest gap between male and female life expectancy in the world, 14 years, and their deaths have out numbered their births by such a wide margin for such a long period of time they have a serious declining population problem. If you look at their leading causes of death you might think Poisoning is the problem, but that doesn't even begin to tell the story. Russia's poison problem is Alcohol. The World Health Organization estimates that just 40% of school age Russians will live to the Pension age of 55-60, if something isn't done about the problem.

Some Russian doctors believe alcohol related diseases cause as many as 50% of Russian deaths between the ages of 15 and 54, making alcohol related deaths a key factor in their long term demographic forecasts.



The Russian Officer’s Code of Honor

  • If you are abrupt and haughty, you will be despised by all.

  • Be polite and modest in your dealings with all people.

  • Do not promise if you are not certain of your ability to follow through.

  • Carry yourself simply, with dignity, but without exquisiteness.

  • Be concise, accurate and tactful always, with all and everywhere.

  • Be considerate and attentive but not intrusive and adulatory. Know how to leave in a timely manner and not be unwanted.

  • It is necessary to remember the boundary where dignified politeness ends and where sycophancy begins.

  • Do not carouse, as this will not prove one brave but rather likely compromise you.

  • Do be in a hurry to get familiar with someone you do not know well.

  • Avoid keeping financial tabs friends. Money always spoils relations.

  • If you can, help out your comrade with money, but personally avoid accepting money, as it will demean you.

  • If you cannot say anything nice about someone, also refrain from saying anything bad if you happen to know of such.

  • Do not dismiss the advice of others – hear it out. You will always have the option to deciding whether to heed it.

  • Knowing how to use the good advice of others is an art no less useful than being able to provide good advice yourself.

  • Honor fortifies the heart and ennobles bravery.

  • Safeguard the reputation of any woman who has confided in you, regardless of who she is.

  • There are times in life when one must forget the heart and heed reason.

  • Be guided by instinct, a sense of fairness and duty to decency.

  • Always be on guard and never slack off.

  • May your words be soft but arguments be strong. Try to convince rather than annoy one’s opponent.

  • When speaking avoid gesticulation and raising one’s voice.

  • There is nothing worse than indecisiveness. A bad decision is better than hesitancy and inaction.

  • A moment lost can never be returned.

  • The person who is not afraid is more powerful than the person whom everyone fears.

  • When two people quarrel, they are always both wrong.

  • The greatest delusions are those which go unquestioned.

  • There is wisdom in keeping silent.

  • Modesty is not about being indifferent to praise so much as it is being attentive to reprimands.



Russian organized crime or Russian mafia (Russian: рoссийская мафия, translit. rossiyskaya mafiya, Russian: русская мафия, translit. russkaya mafiya), sometimes referred to as Bratva (Russian: братва: "brotherhood"), is a collective of various organized crime elements originating in the former Soviet Union.

Organized crime in Russia began in the imperial period of the Tsars, but it was not until the Soviet era that vory v zakone ("thieves-in-law") emerged as leaders of prison groups in gulags (Soviet prison labor camps), and their honor code became more defined. After World War II, the death of Joseph Stalin, and the fall of the Soviet Union, more gangs emerged in a flourishing black market, exploiting the unstable governments of the former Republics, and at its highest point, even controlling as much as two-thirds of the Russian economy. Louis Freeh, former director of the FBI, said that the Russian mafia posed the greatest threat to U.S. national security in the mid-1990s.

In modern times, there are as many as 6,000 different groups, with more than 200 of them having a global reach. Criminals of these various groups are either former prison members, corrupt officials and business leaders, people with ethnic ties, or people from the same region with shared criminal experiences and leaders.wever, the existence of such groups has been debated. In December 2009, Timur Lakhonin, the head of the Russian National Central Bureau of Interpol, stated "Certainly, there is crime involving our former compatriots abroad, but there is no data suggesting that an organized structure of criminal groups comprising former Russians exists abroad", while in August 2010, Alain Bauer, a French criminologist, said that it "is one of the best structured criminal organizations in Europe, with a quasi-military operation."


The Russian mafia can be traced back to Russia's imperial period, which began in the 1700s, in the form of banditry and thievery. Most of the population were peasants in poverty at the time, and criminals who stole from government entities and divided profits among the people earned Robin Hood-like status, being viewed as protectors of the poor and becoming folk heroes. In time, the Vorovskoy Mir (Thieves' World) emerged as these criminals grouped and started their own code of conduct that was based on strict loyalty with one another and opposition against the government. When the Bolshevik Revolution came around in 1917, the Thieves' World was alive and active. Vladimir Lenin attempted to wipe them out after being robbed by a gang of highwaymen (who also performed an attempted rape), but failed, and the criminals survived into Joseph Stalin's reign.

Around the world, Russian mafia groups have popped up as dominating particular areas: Alec Simchuk and his group ripped off and robbed unsuspecting tourists and businessmen in South Florida, leading to Rick Brodsky of the FBI to say that "Eurasian organised crime is our no. 1 priority"; Russian organized crime has a rather large stronghold in the city of Atlanta where members are distinguished by their tattoos. Russian organized crime was reported to have a stronger grip in the French Riviera region and Spain in 2010; and Russia was branded as a virtual "mafia state" according to the WikiLeaks cables.

In 2009, Russian mafia groups had been said to reach over 50 countries and, in 2010, had up to 300,000 members.




It’s almost a Napoleonic mistake or as Hitlerian mistake, the idea of trying to invade this geographically gigantic place and having space destroy you.




  • Russian mathematicians remain among the best worldwide. Therefore, it has to be common knowledge for them that, both, the root cause about Russia's problems is linguistic (well being <- human rights <- democracy <- trustworthiness <- language) , as well as, that, during this historical period, gaining support from the forces of civilization is a prerequisite for Russian Nation's survival. Instead, Russia is defying Greece's, good will and gigantic capabilities to support other Nations in distress and perpetrates enormous damage to the northern part of Greece, between Larisa city and the northern borders, with a focal point the prefecture of Evros. They defied the emergency situation, in Greece, due to the massive colonial aggressiveness against her, and managed to, indirectly, involved with the supposed “privatization” of the peripheral Greece's airports. At the Evros prefecture there is an ongoing attempt to establish an illegal military bases and other symbols of an ordinary alien State's authority.

  • During Stalin's era, Russians committed against themselves an atrocious genocide which cost fifty million innocent souls.

  • Their external policy with regard to various parts of the world, eg. Chechnya, Cyprus, Middle East, Georgia, etc. remains instrumental for making the Russians, unwanted, the least, and untrustworthy.

  • The damage they committed in the international law, with regard to Crimea's Annexation and the Eastern part of Ukraine, is enormous.

  • The conditions with regard to the Human Rights and the Fundamental Freedoms, within Russia is proportional to Russian language's ability to resolve the undecidablity of trustworthiness.

  • They refuse to release information about, the antidotes of “Laboratory 12” made assault chemicals and other biological and chemical weapons, their intelligence services files regarding false evidence which may have been fabricated against innocent foreign civilians, criminal assaults against innocent foreign civilians which may have been committed by operatives of their secret services and which retain, those innocent civilians under a state of a hostage.

  • They seem like being, either, unable, or, unwilling to restrain Russian mafia's influence.

  • Digital technology remains, always, prone to hacking and communication protocols, sooner, or, later, leak. The technology they may use for promoting their interests, it seems inevitable that, sooner or later it is going to become a burden for them.

  • In the past, good advices may have been offered to them, though, from what it seems, they have been unwilling, or, unable, to recognize those advices as good ones and exploit them creatively.

  • Russian external policy defies to most fundamental fact of the human kind: Human beings do not, just, tend to, knowledge, conscientiousness and well being; but, human beings' raw material is, knowledge, conscientiousness and well being. Their long term, historical, colonial habits, irresistibly, are leading them, unfortunately, to such collective circumstances that, the rest of humanity shall lack the courage to, even, watch.

  • The Russian Nation seems like remain disrespectful towards the forces of civilization.


Question: Should we support the Russians, or, should we, just, defend ourselves by keeping them at a safe distance while focusing our creative efforts to the other Nations?


People's Republic of China

The facts.

Death rate of all cancers per 100.000.

China 143,55 rank: 26th

Germany 131,38 rank: 41th

Greece 123,71 rank: 57th



The Opium Wars The Bloody Conflicts That Destroyed Imperial China

In 1839, England went to war with China because it was upset that Chinese officials had shut down its drug trafficking racket and confiscated its dope.

Stating the historical record so plainly is shocking — but it’s true, and the consequences of that act are still being felt today.

One tactic the British used to further their influence was registering the ships of Chinese traders they dealt with as British ships.

The pretext for the second Opium War is comical in its absurdity. In October 1856, Chinese authorities seized a former pirate ship, the Arrow, with a Chinese crew and with an expired British registration. The captain told British authorities that the Chinese police had taken down the flag of a British ship.



In China alone, it was revealed yesterday that hospitals are believed to be harvesting up to 11,000 organs from political prisoners each year.

Although the market for hearts, lungs and other body parts is relatively small, kidneys make up the biggest proportion of transplants because donors can survive with just one.

Despite laws banning the sale of organs, the illegal trade is driven by an increased demand for kidneys which have in turn been fueled by a rise in diabetes worldwide.

According to a WHO report in 2007, the underground organ market is still resurgent in India, with around 2,000 Indians selling a kidney every year.

It comes days after a documentary claimed that Chinese hospitals are harvesting up to 11,000 organs from political prisoners without anesthetic every year.

Some patients were still alive as they were secretly placed into incinerators in hospital boiler rooms after parts of their bodies had been removed, it has been claimed.

One former medical student revealed how 'blood was still running' as he cut through a body while a health worker told how her husband, a surgeon, had removed corneas from 2,000 people while they were still alive.

The harrowing details were revealed in the SBS Dateline documentary Human Harvest: China's Organ Trafficking which charted an eight-year investigation in to what is said to be a multi-billion pound 'organs-on-demand' transplant program.

It reveals Red Cross estimations that just 37 people are registered organ donors in China, even though the country has the second highest rate of transplants in the world.

Human Rights lawyer and Nobel peace prize nominee David Matas told Leon Lee's documentary that political prisoners make up the huge difference in the figures – with the banned religious group, the Falun Gong, a key target.

'Somebody's being killed for the organs. There's no other way to explain what's happening,' he said.

Mr Matas added that this explained the short wait for transplants in the country.

'Everywhere else in the world it would be months and years. When you book a transplant in advance, for a heart transplant, and you go to China and you get a transplant within a few days.'

The documentary claims that doctors and medical students in state-run military and civilian hospitals are taking thousands of organs a year from donors while they are still alive.

One former health worker is quoted as saying: 'I testify to the atrocious crime that the hospital committed in removing livers and corneas from living Falun Gong members.

'Some of them were still alive when they were secretly burnt in the incinerator that was in the boiler room.'

One medical student revealed how he took a liver and two kidneys from one person in an operation that took 30 minutes.

Chinese officials have denied the allegations, saying that organs are taken from volunteers, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

SBS quotes Health Minister Jiefu Huang as having said in a previous state television interview: 'The main source of our organs is from death row prisoners.'

But China's government last year vowed that this program would be wound up by August this year.

Officials have faced criticism over the use of death row prisoners.

But human rights lawyers involved in the investigation want further action with those responsible brought before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.




  • China, historically, has suffered enormously from colonialism for which she suffered a seventy million innocent souls' genocide. Therefore, exercising colonialism, on behalf of China and against Nations which follow the rules of civilization, is doubly sinister.

  • China's civilization is ancient and embraces enormous wisdom. Historically, this civilization hasn't succeeded in securing Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity, for hers huge population. Therefore, the related linguistic deficit is evident. China's spiritual elites should have spotted the valuable and crucial for them, complementarity between the Greek and the Chinese, civilizations.

  • The existing relative asymmetry between Chine and Greece/Europe is obvious. And for this reason China's external policy is held responsible for any action which defies this asymmetry and harms the National Sovereignty of other Nations.

  • China has defied Greece's state of emergency, due to the current, massive colonial aggressiveness, and gained commercial rights to Greece's main commercial port, permanently installing, by this way, China's vital economic interests upon Greek soil.

  • China suffers serious issues with regard to the Human Rights and Fundamental Issues.

  • China buys many of the most important European Union companies, including, some which embody important domains of technology.

  • The trade agreements between China and Europe cause a massive unemployment, in Europe.

  • China's combination of, authoritarian political system, issues with Human Rights and excess military power, seems like making Chinese Nation, unfortunately, prone to becoming victimized by the modern colonialism.

  • The Chinese Nation seems like disrespectful towards the forces of civilization.


Question: Should we support the Chinese Nation, or, should we, just, defend ourselves by keeping them at a safe distance while focusing our creative efforts to the other Nations?


Christos Boumpoulis