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Σάββατο, 03 Ιούνιος 2017 00:36

Humans or Beasts


One, may be able to live, naturally; otherwise, he lives, unnaturally. There is no third way.

Through the long sequence of all the past centuries, people, either, have been succeeding in bearing the burden of their existence, or, they have been failing.

Bearing the burden of, ones, existence, means, living naturally; otherwise, it means, resorting to the contents of the long list of narcotics.

There are, I believe, mainly, two categories of civilizations: those who offer people the chance to live naturally, and the rest, which direct people towards using narcotics.

The root difference between those two bold categories of civilizations seems like being a specific method. This method, which is called “the Greek civilization”, is constituted by entities like “morality”, “ethos”, “honesty”, “trustworthiness”, etc. and uses those entities within an algorithm the successful application of which, in everyday life, offers to its users adequate natural joy so that they do not experience any need to resort to the narcotics.

The communities which live naturally remain very effective in whatever they do and for this reason, those communities are self-sufficient.

The communities which embody narcotics' civilizations/cultures manifest, comparatively, a very low effectiveness in every aspect and for this reason they are rarely self-sufficient, if ever. Therefore, the communities of this kind, in general, they are obliged to rely for their survivor upon other communities' resources.

Civilized communities survive without having to resort to violence. For this reason, those communities are able and willing to respect the freedom of both, their own, as well as, the foreign, people.

The rest of the communities, in order for them to survive, they have to subjugate, both, their own, as well as, the foreign, people.

More specifically, the unfree communities can't ever become organized democratically. Instead, there is an unique dominator in each and every one of them who intertwines all the others withing a, quasi, net of, direct, or, indirect, slavery.

For example, the dominator “a” enslaves person “b” by offering to him what is necessary for becoming a drug addict. Then, “a” orders person “b” to deliberately cause, to the person “c” an adequate illness for making person “c” to need desperately a human tissue transplantation. Then, person “a” orders person “b” to steal from person “d” some human tissue, without his consent and transplant this tissue, in the body of person “c”. Then, dominator “a”, then, informs:

  • person “b” that s/he is dependent upon dominator “a”, for having enough narcotics supply and for not going to the jail for causing the illness to person “c” and for stealing the tissue from the person “d”.

  • person “c” that s/he is dependent upon dominator “a”, for not going to the jail because s/he made use of a stolen human tissue.

  • Person “d” that s/he is dependent upon dominator “a”, for not becoming murdered by, either, person “b”, or, person “c”, as being an eye witness of their crimes.

People may live, either, as human beings, under the love of their God, or, they may live as beasts; there is no other way.

Becoming civilized means becoming trained to behave as human beings.

For a community to become civilized there are many prerequisites. Some of the most elementary of those prerequisites, are:

  • To refrain from all kinds of violence.

  • To unconditionally surrender, to the educator, all kinds of weapons.

  • To unconditionally surrender, to the educator, the political power.

  • To unconditionally surrender, to the educator, themselves for becoming administrated by him.

It may seem like being too cruel, and probably, indeed, it is too cruel, the fact that communities, do not have any other choices, than, either becoming civilized, or, remaining beastly; while, false excuses, false rationalizations and lies, can't ever offer to them any kind of improvement, of their relative position, within our human kind.


Christos Boumpoulis



P.S.: Unconditional surrender to the forces of civilization, or, barbarity for ever? That is the question...




Organ Harvesting, Human Trafficking, and the Black Market

When families or individuals are tired of spending years on a medical waiting list, they sometimes purchase body parts – kidneys, eyes, lungs, heart, limbs and more– for transplant on the black market.

It sounds like science fiction, but organ harvesting is an unfortunate fact in the criminology world of today.

Organ Harvesting and Human Trafficking

Organ harvesting has been tied to human trafficking and has become a booming business in the 21st century on a global scale.

It is a criminal offense to traffic body parts, or perform transplants from any source not legally affiliated with a hospital or other medical facility, but legality doesn’t deter either side of these transactions.

Notably, quite a lot of illegally-trafficked body parts are harvested by any means necessary, and are gladly received, no-questions-asked, by the person willing to pay top dollar for a kidney, a heart, or a hip.

Illegal Organs: Supply and Demand

According to the American Transplant Foundation, 123,000 people in the United States are on the waiting list to receive an organ. Every 12 minutes a new name is added to the list and an average of 21 persons per day die due to a lack of organ availability. Corneas, kidneys, liver, lung, intestines, bone marrow are the most common transplant needs.

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services data of Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network reports 121,333 currently awaiting organ transplant of which 100,402 are waiting for a kidney. Only 30,970 transplants actually took place (legally) in 2015. According to the World Health Organization, America is one of many organ-importing countries and by the use of the web, patients can get transplant packages from $70 to over $160,000.00.

USA Today conducted an investigative report in 2006 and found that illegal body harvesting is very lucrative in the U.S. due to the high demand of body parts. The investigation revealed that from 1987- 2006 (19 years), over 16,800 families had pursued lawsuits stating that their loved ones body parts were illegally sold for an estimated $6 million dollars. That amount is based on figures obtained from federal and local investigators, public organizations and medical universities.

Where do the organs come from? Willing donors, in some cases. An NBC Chicago investigative reporter found that people even boldly advertise their kidneys for sale on Craigs list. The investigation revealed that hundreds of people in Illinois were willing to sell their kidney for a few thousand dollars. After discovering a Chicago area man who was offered $30,000.00 for his kidney and received several hits in one month, they went undercover posing as a person willing to sell a kidney and exchanged emails from organ brokers as well as doctors who were willing to perform the transplant for a fee.

Unfortunately, many people become victims of the illegal organ trafficking industry as well.


Organ Trafficking Laws and Offenders

Organ trafficking is a form of human trafficking and is an organized crime. According to the UN Gift Hub, organ trafficking falls into three categories:


(1) Traffickers who trick the victim into giving up an organ for no cost, (2) Con artists who convince victims to sell their organs, but who do not pay or who pay less than they agreed to pay, and (3) Doctors who treat people for ailments which may or may not exist, and remove the organs without the victim’s knowledge.


The organ trafficking trade involves a host of offenders. As the UN Gift noted, there is a recruiter who seeks out the ‘donor,’ there is a transporter of the organs, there are staff of the hospital or clinic that receives the organs, and of course the medical practitioners who perform the transplants. There are also middlemen, contractors, buyers and the banks that store the organs/tissues.

Decoded Science interviewed a former transplant clinical researcher for a major hospital, who spoke with us under condition of anonymity. He stated he had encountered cases where people bought their organs from people willing to sell. He shared an experience of an elite Saudi Arabian who arrived at the hospital for a kidney transplant accompanied by a young man he claimed was his brother. Testing showed no genetic match. The researcher later found out that the Saudi elite had paid the young man $50,000.00 in U.S. money for his kidney. Our source also noted that even though there is a waiting list for organs, favoritism does occur, and money can get someone moved up on the list fairly quickly.

Ann Cheney, author of Body Brokers: Inside America’s Underground Trade in Human Remains stated “Today we aren’t robbing graves but we are violating corpses, we are failing to carry out donor wishes, and we are putting patients at risk- all because we have been disturbingly complacent about what happens to people’s bodies when they die.”

Real Life Body Snatcher

According to NBC New York, Levy Rosenbaum, known as the “Kidney Broker” was sentenced to 2 ½ years in prison and was the first proven case of organ trafficking. His indictment came from an FBI sting operation from the black market sale of 3 kidneys for a total of $410,000.00. Rosenbaum recruited poor Israeli donors who sold him their kidneys for $10,000.00 and re-sold the organs to Americans for over $120,000.00 each. He told undercover FBI agents that he arranged for a lot of transplants and sold them to the Albert Einstein Medical Center and Hospital where he acted as a facilitator for donor matches for Israeli patients from 1999-2000.

Killing To Give Life

In addition to con-artists and unscrupulous doctors, there are also extreme cases in which people are outright murdered for their organs. Every year, there are suspicious deaths, in which the victim had their organs removed.

  • 2012 – Vance Anderson, 51 year old painter of Philadelphia, died at the Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia due to complications from a lung condition. By time he his mother was to claim his body for burial, his eyes, heart, brain and pancreas were removed. The explanation given was that the organs were “donated for education” – but this occurred without the family’s consent. (Philly.com)

  • 2013- Kendrick Johnson, 17 year old student of Georgia, was found dead inside of a mat at his school, the death was ruled an accident. When his parents demanded an independent investigation, a second autopsy revealed that his internal organs, brains, lungs, liver were missing, and the cavities were filled with newspaper. (WSBTV)

  • 2014- Ryan Singleton, 24 year old of Georgia, went to California in pursuit of acting jobs. His body was discovered in Death Valley with multiple organs removed. (Eyes, heart, lung, liver, and kidney were missing) The rest of his body remained intact. The investigators told his family that his organs may have been eaten by a wild animal. (WGNTV)

  • 2015 – Nicholas Rodriguez, 24 year old California State Prison inmate was found after a 15 hour prison riot in a garbage can in the shower next to his cell. His body was almost cut in half and his abdominal and chest organs were removed. This mutilation occurred in a medium security prison with surveillance. (Huffington Post)

Highest Bidder Gets You…

The demand for kidneys has reached an epidemic level in the United States and people are willing to buy or sell through the “network” even though this is illegal and punishable by jail time plus a $50,000.00 fine.

The FDA is the regulating body on the buying and sale of organs, body parts, however it is the FBI who has made many arrests. Who is protecting your body – or the body of your loved ones?



Inside the illegal hospitals performing thousands of black market organ transplants every year for $200,000 a time

  • Desperate and vulnerable donors sell organs to gangs for just $5,000 (£3k)

  • Body parts sold for massive profits after risky surgeries in illegal hospitals

  • Massive rise in kidney transplants driven by increase in diabetes globally

Vulnerable, desperate and undergoing risky surgery in filthy hospitals, these are just some of the patients being exploited by the black market organ trade.

Donors regularly put their lives on the line for just ($5,000) £3,000 from unscrupulous gangs who then sell on the body parts for up to $200,000 (£130,000) a time.

In India, where these pictures were taken, around 2,000 people are thought to illegally sell their kidneys each year.

The trade has risen to such a level that around 10,000 black market operations take place annually worldwide – more than one an hour – according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

But this is thought to be a very conservative estimate.

In China alone, it was revealed yesterday that hospitals are believed to be harvesting up to 11,000 organs from political prisoners each year.

Although the market for hearts, lungs and other body parts is relatively small, kidneys make up the biggest proportion of transplants because donors can survive with just one.

Despite laws banning the sale of organs, the illegal trade is driven by an increased demand for kidneys which have in turn been fueled by a rise in diabetes worldwide.

According to a WHO report in 2007, the underground organ market is still resurgent in India, with around 2,000 Indians selling a kidney every year.

It comes days after a documentary claimed that Chinese hospitals are harvesting up to 11,000 organs from political prisoners without anesthetic every year.

Some patients were still alive as they were secretly placed into incinerators in hospital boiler rooms after parts of their bodies had been removed, it has been claimed.

One former medical student revealed how 'blood was still running' as he cut through a body while a health worker told how her husband, a surgeon, had removed corneas from 2,000 people while they were still alive.

The harrowing details were revealed in the SBS Dateline documentary Human Harvest: China's Organ Trafficking which charted an eight-year investigation in to what is said to be a multi-billion pound 'organs-on-demand' transplant program.

It reveals Red Cross estimations that just 37 people are registered organ donors in China, even though the country has the second highest rate of transplants in the world.

Human Rights lawyer and Nobel peace prize nominee David Matas told Leon Lee's documentary that political prisoners make up the huge difference in the figures – with the banned religious group, the Falun Gong, a key target.

'Somebody's being killed for the organs. There's no other way to explain what's happening,' he said.

Mr Matas added that this explained the short wait for transplants in the country.

'Everywhere else in the world it would be months and years. When you book a transplant in advance, for a heart transplant, and you go to China and you get a transplant within a few days.'

The documentary claims that doctors and medical students in state-run military and civilian hospitals are taking thousands of organs a year from donors while they are still alive.

One former health worker is quoted as saying: 'I testify to the atrocious crime that the hospital committed in removing livers and corneas from living Falun Gong members.

'Some of them were still alive when they were secretly burnt in the incinerator that was in the boiler room.'

One medical student revealed how he took a liver and two kidneys from one person in an operation that took 30 minutes.

Chinese officials have denied the allegations, saying that organs are taken from volunteers, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

SBS quotes Health Minister Jiefu Huang as having said in a previous state television interview: 'The main source of our organs is from death row prisoners.'

But China's government last year vowed that this program would be wound up by August this year.

Officials have faced criticism over the use of death row prisoners.

But human rights lawyers involved in the investigation want further action with those responsible brought before the International Criminal Court in The Hague.