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Elementary measures of legitimate defense PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Παρασκευή, 02 Ιούνιος 2017 01:17




Elementary measures of legitimate defense


In this article, I represent, exclusively, myself and I express my opinion as a Greek and quasi German citizen who happens to remain a paramount loser, as, my latest 37 years of my life (since 1979) have been completely wasted, exclusively, due to the extremely negative influence, against my family and myself, which has been exercised by the colonialists, during that period. Also, I am, exclusively, addressing the followings to my fellow Greek citizens.

My perception of the current situation is consisted, mainly, of the followings:

  • The colonialists (U2RIT) have committed, during the last sixty years, in Greece, unimaginable colonial crimes. They neither, regret, nor, accept any negotiation for undertaking the responsibility for those crimes.

  • The colonialists, in order to avoid any negative consequence from their past misdeeds they have adopted an aggressive attitude which, progressively, is evolving towards mere hostility.

  • The combination of, hostility and colonial tradition, on behalf of the colonialists, is, indeed, lethal.

  • The colonialists, de facto, refuse to reveal the medical protocols which cure certain lethal diseases as, cancer, aids, hepatitis, multiple scleroses, Alzheimer, etc. It is certain that they, indeed, possess those medical protocols. Currently, there may be innocent Greek civilians wounded due to colonialists' illegal activities, whose lives may have become endangered. Colonialists, de facto, refuse to offer adequate means for rescuing those lives.

  • The colonialists, de facto, refuse to reveal their secret services' files which contain false evidence, crucial medical information and other information about the crimes committed by their operatives, all regarding innocent Greek civilians.

  • At least 95% of the corresponding members of each and every, with no exception, Greece's public foundations, has been meta-victimized (despite whether they realize it or not) by the colonialists and thus, they are unable to offer adequate service to their corresponding public foundation.

  • In Greece, the public dialog (politics, mass media, Justice, etc.) is so much degraded, exclusively, due to negative influence which is exercised by the colonialists that directly refers to maximum security prisons inmates disputes.

  • The indigenous Greeks are, due to colonialists negative influence, being excluded from Greece's, politics, mass media, Justice, business, education, public domain, banking, commerce, etc.

  • The rest of the European Union and the rest of the non-E.U. countries are unable to offer to Greece sufficient support due to their own problems. Germany has, exceptionally, offer almost heroic, but still insufficient, political support. It seems unrealistic to except any more support than this, from anywhere else.

  • Approximately ten thousand innocent Greeks have died by suicide due to colonialists' de facto objection for Greece's mineral wealth to become economically exploited on behalf of their legitimate owner, the Greek citizens. Probably a multiple number of more innocent Greek citizens have also died due to illegitimate colonialists' activities.

  • The situation in Creta island remains difficult. The situation in Evros prefecture is extremely crucial.

  • The attitude of the Greek population remains, abnormally, passive.

  • There have been public allegation about existing political tortures, in Greece.

  • There are sufficient indications that there have been political murders, in Greece.

  • Greek citizens are totally lacking of any kind of effective and reliable security authority to resort in case of their becoming, unjustly, persecuted.

  • Greece's internal economy tends to become a system equivalent to system of economic transaction within a piratical ship.

  • Greeks massively immigrate to other countries.

  • Illegitimate attempts to establish foreign military bases on Greek soil, are being taking place.

  • Illegitimate attempts to establish foreign colonies on Greek soil, are being taking place.

Therefore, I believe that, the following elementary measures of legitimate defense are due:

  • Greece should terminate the diplomatic and all of the rest, relationships with all the members of the U2RIT.

  • Greece should replace hers F16 military airplanes with others, which includes open software and open electronics diagrams, e.g. like the Swedish Gripen. The downgrading of hers airborne military capabilities should become compensated by Greece's own developing of military missiles of innovative design and by other innovative defensive developmnents.

  • A 100% change of personnel of all the Greece's public foundation, with the only exception of the armed forces, is necessary. The previous personnel should remain excluded from all public services for the next fifteen years. The 75% of the personnel of the armed forces should become replaced, gradually.

  • Both, the Creta island and the Evros prefecture, should gain a state of emergency, for at least the next five years. There, heavily armed militia should gain the control of each and every gate-keeping authority.

  • Colonialists, during the past sixty years, have, deeply and covertly, divided the Greek society, to victims and meta-victims. In order to rescue innocent civilians' lives, this division has to be made obvious and explicit. And then, the victims should become de-victimized and the meta-victimizs should become de-meta-victimized.

  • The nomads' rights should become formally defined and institutionalized. Greece should provide for the establishment of all necessary infrastructure for offering to the Greece's nomads every opportunity to prosper and remain happy, while retaining their own civilization and their own culture.

  • The indigenous Greeks should undertake the burden and the responsibility of governing Greece towards hers own, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.

  • Greece should offer to the German citizens every possible support in order for Germany to enjoy, as soon as possible, Peace, Freedom, Cooperation and frugal Prosperity.

  • Greece should offer to the German citizens every opportunity for them to, willingly become acquainted with the Greek citizens.

  • Greece should offer to Germany, free of charge, energy resources and mineral resources, with accordance to a universal quantitative plan of minimum, energy and raw material, international sharing.

  • Greece should, unilaterally, undertake the obligation of defending, both, the German citizens, as well as, Germany, as a whole, against every illegitimate external threats.

The situation is exceptional, therefore, exceptional measures are needed.

Both, Greece's interiors and exteriors, remind a, quasi, Jurassic Park. For validating this opinion, please read the appendix, bellow, which contains material for further investigations.

Good luck.


Christos Boumpoulis




Zersetzung - KGB & Stasi tactics - great mindgames I have known in the UK 2011-15 - completed


When reading about Zersetzung, I'm stunned by the similarities with what's been happening to me - it's precisely the same. The first I knew of that term was in picking-up 'Mafia State' by Luke Harding. To maintain a narrative, I'm jockeying my experiences on Chapter17, The File. Chapter6, Death in the Snow is also very memories-heavy. Single word underlining highlights established references I've had for years, notes on what 'references' are & do are at the end of the document - they're very important in the trauma programming & schiz training/brainwashing process, ideally, they can actually turn a person into what the shite hounds want them to be, a retrospective justification (ie. last night, watching Canada v the Netherlands, neuralgic pains to "Canada" being spoken, which is supposed to make me anti-Canadian - pain aversion; tho' there is more to it, there's not much more to it; 'they' attempt to 'guide'/dictate. When the pain is great, or the influence comes in the form of strong cardial arrythmias, it's supposed to have a potency. 'They', ref Theresa May very regularly, in these ways, for eg.) All notes by me are in bold. (This may take some time, silly games being played in editing this doc, cursors jumping up and down the document, making it almost unmanagable and etc.)

*I hadn't meant to include technology here, just techniques, but in a 'full spectrum' attack, they're effectively indivisible in the synthesis of means of application of 'influence', namely, torture.

Mafia State - Luke Harding; Guardianbooks.
C H A P T E R I 7
The File
Ganymed Restaurant, Schiffbauerdamm, Berlin
I8 March 2011
Zersetzung, die: Decomposition, Rotting, Subversion. Undermining
Oxford Duden German-English Dictionary 1999

I have always admired Timothy Garton Ash's slim, elegant memoir The File written ater the collapse of the Berlin Wall, when Garton Ash reads his Stasi file. It is a rnodel book. In it, Garron Ash heroically confronts his Stasi informers and grapples with his own early Oxford self and less-than-perfect memory. Garton Ash plays the role of post-cold war detective. He tracks down the inoffizieller Mitarbeiter, or unofficial collaborators, who passed information about him to the ministry for state security, communist East Germany’s secret police. Much of it is wrong, ridiculous or inconsequencial. The Stasi's appetite For detail turns out to be voracious. The service‘s moto was: "To know everything."
Note the saturation surveillance; everyone, particularly with an on-line footprint, has been setup to be knocked down, hence the 'ritual death' of the operators/hackers; they establish new 'legends' in spook-speak, new identities, as masques that cover and wash away their pasts.

There are awkward encounters with retired secret policemen in Berlin’s garden suburbs. Several of those who worked for The Firm - as the Stasi styled itself - now seem to be wearing synthetic tracksuits. One Stasi collaborator who informs on Garton Ash turns out to be a university lecturer in English Literature. Another is in the insurance business. A third politely declines by letter to be interviewed. There is denial, obfuscation, defiance and - sometimes but not always - expressions of regret. The studious East Germans, one learns, had elaborated personal surveillance into a kind of perverse national group activity: The world of zero's & one's is a criminals, hackers and spooks (there is an unbroken line between these) playground that can leave no trace; kudos, accolades and (I'm led to believe-) Bitcoins are motives for criminally insane obsessives and sado-narcissists. with the spies and the spied upon. Even now, only a minority of those who participated in it recognise it for what it was: a morally repugnant form of terror. To 'terrorize' is a major enabling component and is the purpose of Zersetzung. In combination with other attacks, it traumatises and renders susceptible the victim to influence, and is an essential gateway to inculcating paranoid schizophrenia into the victim, with additional attack vectors. The victim is under sustained and extremely 'violent' and deliberately traumatising psychological (and physical) attack. For example, they will laugh when the victims cat dies, and claim they did it - they can't get enough of this type of oppurtunity, and I have no way of knowing if they are responsible, or not. Three of my cats have died in the last 2yrs, and another is looking as tho' it's begining [neuralgic pain to right temple] to get a similar condition. The ELF microwave technology, as I gather it, was developed using cats.

Along the way, Garton Ash, the book's Virgil-like guide, consistently asks the right questions. Why inforn? Or - better put - what is it in people’s personal biographies that drives them into the arms of the secret police? Why does one person become a resistance fighter and another a faithful servant of dictatorship, one a Staufenberg, the other a Speer, Garton Ash wonders. Could Britain, differently configured, have become a communist police state? And can we be confident that the methods of the security services in Britain - and the western world in general - are superior to those used in the Former Soviet bloc?
In some ways, Garton Ash’s personal history mirrors my own: the Stasi, like the FSB in my case, had him down as a British spy. In the 1980's the Stasi banned him from travelling to the GDR. Expulsion is the traditional method, as he puts it, of dealing with "lesser enemies". The assiduous East Germans also sent his details to Soviet Moscow, placing him on its System of Unified Registration of Data of the Enemy.

(Garton Ash writes that the system had 15 categories: secret agents, members of "subversive organisations" and "centres of political-ideological diversion", "provocateurs", "banned and undesirable persons", "hostile diplomats", "hostile correspondents", terrorists and smugglers. He was identified as category five: "Persons who execute commissions for subversive activity against the states of the socialist community on hehalfol’ hostile intelligence services ..." Under this system I would, l suppose, be a "hostile correspondent".)

In the 1980's, as communism begins to totter, Garton Ash cunningly manages to evade the ban: he visits Poland and Czechoslovakia and even manages to slip into East Berlin for two days in 1984, and again the following year, accompanying the British foreign secretary, Geoffery Howe. And then in 1989 the wall comes down. In 1992 Garton Ash gets to read his Stasi file. Suddenly the curtain is pulled away. From the debris of Europe's divided history, his old diaries, and the Stasi's buff-coloured binder on him he can fashion a kind of retrospective truth. Perhaps not the truth. But a convincing version of it. For Garton Ash, an academic, a historian, a journalist, an intellectual, and a student ofemern Europe’s painful transition from former communist dictatorship to European normality, what joy! The file offers something all-too-rare in life: a moment of personal and professional closure.

But I can envisage no such moment of democratic awakening or truth-telling in Russia. Rather, there is every sip: the current ruling clique will remain in power indefinitely. If my FSB file were ever made public - some-thing that will be possible only after another Russian revolution. the third in at century — it’s unlikely I shall he around no read it. But my file exists. I can't see it. But I can imagine it. I can piece together the clues.

Two weeks alter my expulsion I receive an email from Florian Knauer, a German doctoral researcher at Berlin‘s Humboldt University. Knauer says he is writing a book on stalking, bullying, psychological torture and what he calls "psychological disintegration". SOP (Standard Op Pro-.) building blocks of psychological disintegration, 1) stress applications in the real world, 2) via electronic gadgets & equipments & white goods - zeros & ones, 3) psych. & physical attacks via mind games, radio wave frequencys and microwave dosimetries - ie. dream choreography & thought manipulation, and attack on the 'biomachine', ie. auditory effects (microwave auditory), heart arrythmias, severe cramping, very severe headaches & toothaches etc. He says, by way of introduction: "I have just read in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung about your decision to leave Russia. The article says that members of the Russian secret service broke into your flat and that state authorities have bullied you and your family. These methods sound familiar to me." The destruction of any orthodox ideas of privacy, both of the physical space (including the bath/shower) and of the mind. Currently, I'm getting daily dream choreography cross-referencing to real-life, fed a little at a time, so, a few days ago I pondered over buying 3 cans of cheap beer at Sainsbury's, a couple of days ago I 'dreamt' they were in my fridge, today (11June2015) I dreamt they'd all been opened and half drunk. Millimeter waves are used ('Ranger-R' type systems, similar to airport body scanners - I'm 'told' they watch me walking thru' town, naked; hard to see how they'd not be able to see everyone else too; no reason to think they can resist the temptation to see thru' everyones walls, into their homes and bed/bath rooms) by neighbours/officer-agents to watch in detail, everything the target does, providing reference cues to ie. picking-up/putting-down a coffee cup or wipeing your arse, such as wallknocks/tapping, and to cue apophenics at a greater distance, such as sirens to tv saying "You're going to your own funeral"; intended to build-up fear and consequentially an emotional response. Eventually, like with Pavlovs dogs, this ingrained-by-repetition and newly automatic emotional response provides an artificially manufactured 'proof of guilt', and stresses & traumatises the target with tens- & hundreds of thousands of 'guilt' & 'death' refs.

Knauer goes on to explain that the Stasi used similar methods of repression against opposition members in former East Germany. In fact, these techniques were exported across the Soviet bloc. He points me to an article written by Herta Muller, the Romanian-born German novelist, who was awarded in 2009 the Nobel prize in literature.

Muller describes suffering dreadfully at the hands of the Securitate, Romania's secret police. At her factory they spread the slander that she was an informer. There were interrogations, beatings. And break-ins. I read: "The secret police came and went as they pleased when we weren’t at home. Often they would deliberately leave signs: cigarette butts, pictures removed from the wall and left on the bed, chairs moved." Physical invasion of the private space and stressors, mind games and underlining vulnerability. They can impose the brainwaves of very deep sleep & hypnotic states and spend as long as they like in the targets home, whilst he/she is fully & predictably unconscious, stealing items, adulterating/poisoning food, manipulating and wounding the victim so that they wake with furniture moved and blood on their mattress/pillow and implants in their bodies. Fresh milk suddenly starts to curdle in the cup. Coffee and sugar are apparently used-up at a phenomenal rate. Chemical aromatics (like benzine or lighter fuel) added to cordials. I lost an entire day this way, presumably for the soreness to ease. They then suddenly waken the target from a sleep paralysis with a radio frequency for 'excitation'/'agitation' to the sound of sirens (I had this particular aspect for c.6weeks running). Leaving the home for even a couple of minutes results in things going missing, tv channel changed, the half-cigarette left in the ashtray missing or the half cup of tea, gone. When you leave the home to go shopping, a brand new latex glove left in the street along your path. A single rock hard cat poo in the hallway and a smirk on the neighbours face. The most uncanny incident. she writes, lasted weeks: the agents would cut bits off a fox skin lying on the floor, finally removing it's head. Muller calls this "psychological terror". "Anything could happen, the flat was no longer private."

These seemingly harmless psychological tactics even have a name - Zersetzung, Knauer says. Could I tell him a little more about my experiences? The word is a curious one. I speak fluent German, and spent four years in Berlin as the Guardian's Germany correspondent, prior to Moscow. I hadn't come across Zersetzung, however. Zersetzung,I discover, is a scientific term borrowed from chemistry. It translates as "decomposition", "disintegration" or "corrosion". (To my English ear corrosion sounds best.) But it can also mean undermining, subversion, disruption, dissolution and corruption.

The Romantics, with their fascination for decay in the natural world, used the word metaphorically from the late 18th century onwards. Modern political groups also made use of the term: the Nazis referred to the "disintegrating influence" of the ]ews, to justift their extinction; the communists talked of "disintegrating" their ideological enemies. Knauer introduces me to the work of Sandra Pingel-Schliemann, a German writer and journalist. She has studied the use of Zersetzung in the former German Democratic Republic. She has interviewed victims and - like Garton Ash - spent months combing through the archives of the ministry for state security. I begin reading her book, Disintegration: Strategy 0f a Dictatorship, published in 2002 in Berlin. I am horrified, fascinated. My own curtain doesn't exactly open. But a small crack appears, and I can begin to peek through it.

I read that under Erich Honecker Zersetzung was used extensively. As applied by the Stasi, Zersetzung is a technique to subvert and undermine an opponent. The 'mind machine'/synthetic telepathy read-and-feed system is used on friends and family so that they mention established refs ('trigger' words) and subjects that work to the 'programme'. Moods can and are altered to cause discord in precisely the way Rifat writes (I believe this used to be what was called 'sick building syndrome', in the early days of testing/tuning the system; some of this seems also to tally with early concerns about mobile 'phone signals and their effects on the brain, tho' the publicity around these claims, stunted as it was, seem to have been kept in check). Much of the psychological attack is 'Penn & Teller'Derren Brown appearence & illusion (there is a tv prog by Brown where he convinces a fella that he's committed a murder - some of those techniques of confusion & coersion have been used on me, I recognised them instantly, such as people's - strangers, names and attire changing in meetings).The aim was to disrupt the target's private or family life so they are unable to continue their "hostile-negative" activities towards the state. Typically, the Stasi would use collaborators to garner details from a victim's private life. They would then devise a strategy to "disintegrate" the target's personal circumstances - their career, Technology has superceded this actual requirement, tho', for appearences sakes - . their relationship with their spouse, their reputation in the community. They would even seek to alienate them from their children.

Pingel-Schliemann cites the case of Herr J. First Herr J lost his driver's licence. Months later he found anonymous notes insulting him hanging on the trees of his village. Then rumours circulated that he was cheating on his wife. At work Herr J faced growing problems. Finally, the police arrested him and sentenced him for a theft he didn't commit. To Herr J, these events were disturbing, random and inexplicable. He had no inkling that the Stasi were behind them. Unsurprisingly, there's an enormous amount of 'smoke and mirrors', obfuscations, sleights, confusions, red herrings and false leads and more - the whole techniques process is 'lifted' straight from the KGB's standard manuel. I'd say that logically thinking of the techniques and technologies should see thru' the miasma and murk - it's NOT wizards, ghosts or gods.

The security service's goal was to use Zersetzung to "switch off", regime opponents. After months and even years of Zersetzung a victim's domestic problems grew so large, so debilatating, and so psychologically burdensome that they would lose the will to struggle against the East German state. Best of all, the stasi's role.in the victim's personal misfortunes remained tantalisingly hidden. The stasi operations were carried out in complete operational secrecy. The service acted like an unseen and malevolent god, manipulating the destinies of its victims. They've' read the books I'm reading; the 2nd cop to visit me in my flat (of maybe 8-10) in response to a call I'd made to Northumbria Police Authority, asked what I thought the purpose of the things that were happening was; grasping in the dark, I'd replied that "they seem to be shutting me down". This has been eagerly seized upon, and is very very similar to a phrase I've read in Mafia State, and has been thrown back at me. I had only the vaguest of notions that this coulb be an 'official' (deep black) operation/Standard Training Operation. It's now abundantly clear (99%) that that's exactly what it is - the KGB/FSB dosn't cajole even fake coppers to engage in trauma programming/schiz training, I'm sure. With a belief in science over poltergeists, and with the first inkling of microwaves, from 'Rough Guide to Conspiracies', and discovering the search term 'synthetic telepathy' (over 'artificial'), and with Tim Rifats writings, the effects of the brainwashing/programming have steadily dropped-off as everything has acquired a label and a handle for musing on the science aspects. Eg. I knew about ELF frequencies for submarine comms, so a few things fell into place there, such as the terminology from 'Mr. "Stow-it" who came over my analogue radio saying something I hadn't even heard in the surprise I had at having sussed that the radio was actually 'talking' to me for months passed. -"Hang about - I've been sodding tortured here" - "Stow-it!"

It was in the mid-1970s that Honecker's secret police began to employ these perfidious methods. At that moment the GDR was finally achieving international respectability. (It joined the UN in 1973, opened up a dialogue with west Germany and in 1975 signed the Helsinki accords. It also desperately needed urgent financial assistance from the west German government in Bonn.) Honecker's predecessor, Walter Ulbricht, was an old-fashioned Stalinist thug. He used open terror methods to subdue his post-war population: show trials, mass arrests, camps, torture and the secret police.

But two decades after East Germany had become a communist paradise of workers and peasants, most citizens were acquiescent. When a new group of dissidents began to protest against the regime, Honecker came to the conclusion that different tactics were needed. Mass terror was no longer appropriate and might damage the GDR's international reputation. A cleverer strategy was called for. (Over in Leningrad, meanwhile, in 1975, Vladimir Putin had fulfilled his teenage dream and joined the KGB. Within a few years he would be breaking up the city's hippy communes.)

And so the regime embarked on an unseen psychological war against its internal critics. This war was an unequal one since the other side - a relatively small section of East Germany's population - had no idea it was being fought. It's a licence to kill with the means with which to do so without leaving evidence (electromagnetics & radio frequencies, and with mind games and psychological tricks and pressures) with psychotics at the helm - "Without enemies there would be no KGB" - they have to justify their existence and budget, and convenience counts large. 'They' have the means & the will to psychologically & physically torture and 'brainwash' (a crude but accurate term). I spent 180days, each night thru' to the day, in the most excruciating pain and up to agony with the synthetic neuralgia at the cetre side of the right side of my face/head from a few minutes after settling down to sleep, 'til dawn, and beyond. When I eventually went to my GP (I'd known from the first that the pain was being induced by watchers) I was given nothing but a bucketful of strong painkillers. Eventually it was diagnosed as 'trigeminal neuralgia' by a doctor who then ran-off (both of these doctors were foreign, possibly 'easier' to lean on). Cue an eventual stream of false prescriptions, some 10 blood tests (results went missing/unlogged) and various other tests & scans. The targets were "enemies": artists like the dissident singer - Wolf Biermann (expelled to West Germany in 1976); pastors; local church groups; peace activists; anyone who wanted to leave for the west. Pingel-Schliemann describes Zersetzung as "subtle", "anonymous", "noiseless", and "inscrutable". Its methods differ from officiafly recognisable forms of persecution such as torture, arrest and murder. Zersetzung is covert: usually the victim had no idea that the Stasi was behind it (although by the late 1980's the suspicion of Stasi involvement was widespread among opposition groups). I knew it was science-based, not the "gods" & etc. that the voices (microwave auditory and mind-injected audiograms - as I now believe what I originally called 'notions' - direct feed to the brain) claimed, or the "superhero" rubbish. They can put these things into the mind, but they're still obtuse, juxtaposed and 'shouty', especially shouty when they do it on the street and the calibration's off - unless that was deliberate - "YOU'RE BEING FOLLOWED!"

On page I97 I read about the case of Frau R. Stasi employees used duplicate keys to break into Frau R's flat. Once inside they removed the pictures from her walls. During the next secret break-in they shifted the spice pots in her kitchen. Then they replaced Frau R’s favourite kind of tea with another variety. My spice pots changed shelves one day (or night), towels too; they killed my plants and things went 'bump' in the night (and very much more). The police flagged the "very strange person", "mentally ill" & "paranoid" tags in their reports. They do this a couple of times, then when the victim calls again, it colours the attitudes of the next cops to call, who may well not be KGB-sign-ups. The first visiting cop, who was the second I'd reported to, was an enormous & enormously shouty, patronising, boorish type, intended presumably to dissuade me from reporting further - it didn't. The Susi officers were an enterprising bunch: they broke in again and again, each time coming up with something new. On one occasion they changed Frau R's hand towels. On another they rotated the flowerpots on her window-seat. In another ease officers broke in at night while their victim was sleeping. They crept into the bathroom and switched on his electric razor. The victim woke up, terrified. He was unable to explain what was happening. "You can’t tell these things to anybody. If you did, they would simply say: ‘Sure, you were drunk," he said.

The most insidious aspect of Zersetzung is that its victims are almost invariably not believed.
When Frau R told her friends what was happening they concluded that the was losing touch with reality: "We found it impossible to explain why someone would want to remove the hand towels," one of them admitted. I had no prior knowledge of a read and feed capability of the mind; this was initially used to reference thought processes by the usual referencing means (hence their "gods") and is used to instigate an artificial schizophrenic-type or 'dissociative' experience (the legwork must be very great). It hits the workings of an individuals mind by a steady errosion. They can both herd & induce cats to vomit at will (another reference vector) so they guide the cats to a place and make them vomit, for weeks, so that the victim is driven absolutley bonkers each morning by that repetition on furniture and carpets/rugs (mine were all new). Many short, sharp noises are used for apophenic referencing, and at night, very loud sharp noises directly to the walls of the home are used to instill fear & 'jumpiness'. Some Zersetzung victims think they are going mad or are ill; those affected suffer the reproach that they are hallucinating.

Superficially, the moving around of personal effects might seem harmless - little more than a puerile prank. But for the victims the results could be psychologically disastrous, I read. Having been drunk & stoned alot in the past, loosing things then finding them in odd places many times used to be a fairly frequent occurance, so even with a half-unobservant mind saying "I could've sworn...", it's not 'bad juju', more the peurile prank. They could lead to withdrawal, psychosis, "the complete breakdown of a psyche", and even suicide. "The essential characteristic of Zersetzung is its anonymity," Pingel-Schliemann writes. ‘These Zersetzung activities are subtle. They can't be obviously identified as persecution measures by the Stasi." She adds: "Even now, it often happens that when those affected describe their experiences, no one believes them. All too often, their personal descriptions are discounted as paranoia." The 'breakdown of the psyche' was burdonsome; I knew I was in trouble when I found I was reluctant to rebuke my cats for their vomiting [very loud, close siren 3:01pm 16June - the Zersetzung is ongoing] but I've since found (by experience) that they can press a button and scramble the ordinary functioning of the brain/mind, into a chaotic state. I was eventually driven (a favourite phrase/jumping-off referenceing 'brick' of theirs) into attempting suicide (I was extremely reluctant, and suspect something in the order of 'silent sound'/hypnotic 'commanding') and am unburdoned by the event, except for the damage it has caused me (scars & loss of main blood vessel), but as they themselves have 'messaged' me, like a rubber ball, I bounce back from their influencing.

The Stasi boss Erich Mielke grew interested in psychological techniques in the 1960's. By 1971 - when Honecker replaced Ulbricht - Mielke's ministry began to transform Zersetzung from a thuggish tool into a pseudo-academic discipline. These methods of intimidation and anonymous harassment were classified as "operational psychology". Operational psychology is conventional psychology's dark twin: instead of healing people, the idea is to harm or damage them. I've long thought of the psychological attacks as atherapy especially since learning the term 'ideas of reference', of schizophrenia - one of 3 or 4 crucially enlightening discoveries, also 'apophenics'. They've called me "resilient" and I once heard or overheard the line "I don't know why it's not working".

Mielke established a chair of operational psychology ar the Juridical Higher school, the ministry for state security training academy in Potsdam. Here, students wrote papers on advanced psychological techniques: they learned, for example, that sleep deprivation and solitary confinement are more effective interrogation methods than beatings or electric shocks. For the mature totalitarian state, "hard" torture was no longer necessary. What was required was "soft" torture. Technologically I've been shut-down, and to a lesser extent, emotionally & socially (never been over-sociable, and emotions are counter-productive - they 'play' on emotions very greatly, goading). They gloat over the deaths of three of my cats (3 have died at an old age in the last 18months, but 'they' were happy to claim the credit - trauma programming); I'm 'face-hardened' to it all. Threats of, and actual, electric shocks are a definate tactic; my toaster suddenly went 'live', and I was remotley electro-statically charged for a fortnight, learning not to touch my cats ears or noses first whilst stroking them. One of the funny things that have happened is this: the boiler was largely disabled/ remotely controlled; one time in the bath, cold, there was a loud electrical discharge sound from underneath me; 10minutes later when I shifted my position, I made a loud 'skidding' noise on the plastic tub, quickly adding - "Not for the first time tonight", which brought an immediate floor thump from the flat above. -I had a bad accident with electricity when I was young, I really don't much like it.

On 1 January 1976 Mielke issued secret policy directive 1/76. It regulated the use of psychology in "operational procedures". Ambitious Stasi officers penned theses on how concealed sanctions could be deployed against class enemies; one ran to 800 pages:

It said, in ponderous German:
"The enemy becomes chiefly preoccupied with himself. The reasons for his misfortune, and for the need to renounce hostile activity, exist within a framework that he is unable to blame either the socialist state in its entirety or the security organs."

Enemies reacted "more slowly and hesitantly" to Zersetzung than to forms of open persecution, the paper noted. (These could strengthen an individual's self-confidence, and damage the political authority of the East. German state. open methods also risked leaving the stasi open to "libel and discrimination in the western mass media".) For these reasons, Zersetzung operatrons had to be carried out in conditions of total conspiracy. I wouldn't've thought it possible in Britain, but it is, everyone wants to be Ivan the Terrible masquerading as Meestair Bond. One GP I saw, co-opted from the appointment I'd made, was a Brit - he looked very uncomfortable. It's because of the need for conspiracy, that 'they' endlessly cite "law" & "justice" - precisely because it isn't either of those things.

As I read, the similarities between Honecker's East Germany and Putin's Russia strike me as overwhelming. Both are, in effect, sophisticated modern dictatorships. Both appreciate that the subtle arts of repression are more effective than crude old-school methods. And Russia - like the defunct GDR - is greatly concerned about its international image, with the "elite" especially nervous about the fate of its assets in the west. "I'd rather die than do this to someone who didn't deserve it" is a message I had recently. So what does it take?, I wonder. They play their games and they make it so, an orchestration - FTW. I've done nothing to deserve this and I feel it's moved to a cover-up. 'The programme' involves a) making a person 'guilty' by tick-box exercise, b) making them believe they're guilty by a full spectrum attack on the mind and body in a pressureised environment of 24/7/52/4 eyes-on with a sarcastic running commentary, not just of the physical, but of the psychological, much of it manufactured to 'photo-fit. Each of these is as important as the other (the 'Hitler' refs are frankly ridiculous, as are the rest of the name-callings and assumptive 'guilts' (here, facts are entirely ignored as inconvenient truths). Every manner of mind game and psychological coersion is used (as per Derren Brown convincing a fella he was a murderer). It, and they, are completely fraudulent. Up to hundreds and more, times per day, I've had the references and psych/bio attacks (masers, heart arrythmias, neuralgic headaches, microwave auditory effects, a full range of apophenics and more) to ref anything and everything bad and they being invasive, it works as name-calling and accusations; sharp and/or dull pains and induced spasms to ref ie. tv, to my eyes, face, throat, heart, limbs, bollocks & arse, and to my mind & brain. And in justification, they've cited 'profile' without looking at themselves - I don't deserve this, and they know they're frauds & liars, it's a fabricated & falsified precrime - crystal ball cops. I must've had 10,000 death threats over 4yrs; "You're going to your own funeral", cue a siren, precise & synchronous, as ever. An old attack ref is the fairground ride, 'The Smiler', from the eyes referring to mental disintegration. I've also had very many "crushed/shattered legs"/"crippled" refs. Cue a happy coincidence for them, or what's it worth to protect the secret? - the recent accident has been very heavily referenced with pain & more. The actual operators are cretinous people, the referencing shows it clearly, like "POWERR" from a teenager direct to the ear canal by microwave, causing a strong reactance at the imbecility of it. The maniacal grins that I see in the street from white earphone swingers on street corners (there seems to be some link between 'zombies' & i-phones/Android, but the zombies seem to be those who act upon the ELF pulse modulations riding on a hi-frequency carrier). .And like the mature East Germans, Moscow has signed up to numerous human rights treaties and, in addition, is a signatory to the European convention on human rights. It has international obligations and is - or aspires to be a respected, senior member of the global community. Attack has to succeed, lest someone starts to suss their ways and blab.

Using Zersetzung techniques, then, is the perfect answer. At a time of growing domestic discontent in Russia the FSB's harassment of Russia's opposition - as well as the odd foreign enemy - is a useful secret tool. And after all, where is the evidence that human rights have been infringed? An open window, a strange alarm clock, a sex book by the bed - come off it! Zersetzung, carried out by the state 's invisible emissaries, is difficult to observe and even harder for its victims to prove.

In her study Pingel-Schliemann concludes: "These days a total dictatorship doesn't need to use methods of open terror to subdue people for years and make them weak ... Moreover, developments in technology and communications offer future dictators ever more subtle possibilities for manipulation." Her comments strike me as prescient. Very much the case; I suspect that with the devices/materials I've been implanted with (I'm pretty sure about this & it seems logical, & if not, then 'they' have an open door into all your minds (Rifat says everyone has their own unique biorhythm signature, which would effectively be as per an IP or 'phone number [left arm muscle starts twitching]). I'm of the opinion that there's no-where on earth I can escape the hounds of shite, should I ever even attempt it - clearly, I'd be nuts to. I've been 'told' "We'll switch it off when you leave" & "Trust us", but they're sadistic torture-murdering liars and frauds, and if they believe what they say is true then they'd be wrong to 'let me go', and if they did let me go, they'd show they're liars but who got what they wanted anyway; everything they say is shite; I'll not be torture-murdered in large part for my life's ancient history of between the ages of 5-15, which is what they've latched onto - ftw. "Trust us", from people who induced 180days of excruciating neuralgias, and more... - for nothing. In Herr J's case Stasi operatives had to creep round at night hanging individual notes in his village with the words: "Whore", "Drunkard", "Speeder" and "Bigmouth" All refs I've had for years. Today's Kremlin bloggers and faceless state patriots have it much easier. They need only reach for their mouse.

Three weeks after I leave Moscow I travel to Berlin. I telephone Pingel-Schliemann. She is sympathetic. My experiences in Moscow are identical to other Zersetzung victims It's exactly some of what I've had, as per techniques/mind games she confirms. "You should write a book, Herr Harding. This is the best Therapie for you," she advises. Writing about it has been a marvellous therapy; I've destroyed 3 journals of occurances & observations, they messaged "national security", so I trashed them, too slowly concluding that everything is FTW and they're psychopaths [fella behind me is coughing loudly at every juncture - and MAE clicking to register that observation - the more you suss them, the more in-your-face they become as the pretence falls away - the UK black state gets a kick out of torture-murdering its citizens; so long as it can be hidden it's all a great laugh - "No enemies, no KGB", so they pull them out of a hat if it's sufficiently convenient, which it was: liars & frauds]. Shame really, they were full of times and police car numbers & more specifics - I've forgotten so much, but it keeps reappearing in my memory like a drip feed, as I remeber odd things in my mind, and suss why they were being put there - this 'pro-cess' is supposed to be infallible; I should be insane or dead, THAT was the purpose; they're completely insane [neuralgic pain pulsing & coughing cues/triggers gallore - this is probably some heavy shit... >wibble<, thing is, I know they can sneeze/cough cue ppl at will - innocent/ordinary people, it's the tone in the cough that shows it's a shite hound and simpleton hero complexer, only rarely do I see that the light's on in the eyes, and there's someone at home, with a sense of their puzzlement, curiosity, pensive half smile, almost empathetic, occaisionally even I think I see embarrassment/discomfort; usually tho' it's the wide-eyed, spittle-chinned grins of stalker loonies]. She has information: the former chair of operational psychology at the Stasi's higher academy is still alive. His name is Jochen Girke. After the collapse of the Berlin Wall he has continued to work as a psychologist in Potsdam. He also advises Germany's Linkspartei (the "Left party") the word 'left' is very heavily ref'ed as part of the deception of using Stasi/KGB tactics, which enjoys support from diehard East German communists, West German ultra-leftists and middle-aged radicals. Girke is in the phone book. I call him. I explain my own unusual circumstances. To my surprise, he agrees to meet. We decide on a cup of coffee in Ganymed, an old-fashioned brasserie overlooking Schiffbauerdamm, a cobbled riverside street beneath Berlin's Freidrichstrasse station. The restaurant exudes pre-war charm: it has a solid wooden counter with brass railings; cherubs and angels decorate the bar, blowing bugles; the elderly waiter bears an uncanny resemblance to Albert Einstein. I perch on a stool next to a large, solemn-looking cake.

Girke is a few minutes late. He is a well-groomed, prosperous-looking man of 62, wth grey hair, a classic German moustache and a modest paunch; he's wearing a black Hugo Boss shirt and jacket. I tell him of my experiences with the FSB in Moscow - the break-ins, the open windows, the strange noises in the middle of the night, and so very much more and the lirerarure advising me how to orgasm correctly. Girke nods. He smiles. There is recognition and - though I may be imagining this - a trace of professional pride. "These are typical Zersetzung methods," he begins. It was very early June 2015 when I first read about Zersetzung, from the back cover of 'Mafia State'; the description & recognition was absolutley precise, for a large aspect of 'the programme'. I don't deserve this, but that's not their point.

According to Girke, all secret services, including western ones, use what he calls "grubby tools" The over-capacity or expansion must be very great, & the need to experiment and 'refine' Himmler's wet dream distopia. "In our case it was ideologically justified. We were building a better Germany. The order legitimised the methods", he says. In Honecker's German Democratic Republic, as in Putin's Russian Federation, journalists were automatically considered to be enemies and spies, he explains. "When you come up against a journalist you assume he has connections with the security services. Journalists are classic examples of the Feindbild, the conception of the enemy... It's perverse. But you were taught to always expect the enemy to attack."

I explain that the FSB have targeted me with puzzling zeal And THAT'S A FACT. As FSB chief, it was Putin in1999 who stated that foreign espionage posed Russia's gravest threat. But Girke says this zealousness may simply be the work of an ambitious junior officer trying to climb his way up the greasy career pole: "The case officer has to show his superiors he's successful. He's not interested in whether someone is a good father, a good person, or a good journalist. He wants to find proof that the Feindbild is true". Think what they'd do with an invasive system of broad capability mind control: that's what they do. They don't leave evidence, nor do they work in the real world - they can do exactly as they please, and they do precisely that, the frauds.

In fact, the Stasi wanted to know everything about a target's private life, Girke says - whether he had a mistress, his relationship with his wife, what books he was reading, debts - anything that might have lent itself to manipulation. No detail was too frivolous. Saturation surveillance - I've had refs not only from the last century, but from between the ages of 5-15 as per justifications & accusations. No detail too frivolous, everything twisted and forced 'to fit' - they paint your picture and throw you at it. Things from your childhood are readily and greedily accepted as 'evidential'; they are entirely illegitimate and they long ago lost all credibility and authority by their ways and methodologies; ravenous & intoxocated, seriously deranged psycho-nutters. Many of the references I get are unbleievably banal & trite, just off-the-cuff guff from chatlogs with 'Ben Everhart', as per taunting. "We know more about you than you know about yourself" they croon; they know precisely shit- they just bought into their own narrative of falsity; they even taunt me that they've turned me into a characterisation - a cartoon villain; it all works towards the intention of inculcating in me a sese of drowning by numbers. I say "No". The Stasi was interested in the brand of cigarettes a person smoked, where he parked his van, how much he drank.

The Stasi's Zersetzung methods were astonishingly diverse and ingenious, he says - a "ballet of methods" that spoke of a dark creativity. The ridiculous and the inane can become potent with sufficient repetition, exaggeration & accusation (and the sheer pain of just the physical extremes of the pain and it's duration & the knowledge that it's being inflicted by someone who's watching and monitorig you closely whilst taking the piss at your moans, breaks-down the will); I'm Adolf Hitler, y'know! - partly on the basis that I think he was a better painter than Churchill - as an off the cuff remark (don't be deluded that I'm making that up - EVERYTHING is 'for the win' - everything. "We would arrange for a pipe to burst in the floor above a target's flat, flooding it. The idea is to irritate you Very much of 'the idea', is to goad the target into entrapments, to secure a tangible attack vector, to orchestrate a 'self harm', to 'prove' they're right; the indignitites are manifold - 4yrs and counting - they know me so well....self evidently not - they know their assumptions so well. in your job or personal life. Eventually you get rid of them." On another occasion, the Stasi would arrange for the dispatch of a dozen strawberry flans to a victim's home; the victim would complain they hadn't ordered the cakes, but the order form would be filled in correctly, with the victim's name and address. The Stasi would also orchestrate the delivery of a child-sized coffin to the home of a target with a young family; the undertaker would offer his condolences for the child's death. In fact, nobody had died.

More usually, though, the methods were banal but grimly effective The robotic frequency of the repetitions, the playground mimicry; I'm certain AI is being used, with a large word-ref database (I like language and am interested in 'stuff'; I'm guessing the database is relatively large, besides which, they make their own references; there are far more single-word refs in this chapter than I've actually bothered to underline, because what's the point in 20 or 30 more than there are already? They seem to pick 'em out, and pop 'em on a database, to 'roadblock' the target reading about this stuff - that's some of the effect that refs can have, and it obviously highlights the eyetracking, which I guess is psychologically burdonsome - your friends & family, your letters, bank details, everything, so then they reference eye gouging outs, which certainly they get a kick out of - the first I knew of No.18, was a T-shirt with a face whose eye was gouged-out on it, and 'blindness'; "Bad evening, Herr Doktor Mengele", with not a shred of irony; film Betty Blue - [neuralgic pain suddenly there] was heavily referenced for this reason). Stasi officers would break into a target's car, then park it back in the same place but half-mounted on the kerb, Girke says. When its owner returned he found his car in a subtly different position. Had someone broken in? Or was he imagining things? Or was he going potty? "They (the secret services) do those things to show that they are all-powerful, omnipotent, and that they can enter your private sphere at any time," Girke explains. Pratts. It's certainly the case that they do these things; once-removed agents feed the surveillance feed to the knuckle-dragger V-manner, the 'useful idiots' who have not the wit or common sense to pause and think (the maniacal grins are all a person needs to see); recently, the knuckle-draggers have been consorting and being dropped-off by big cars, BMW's, when I go feed the strays, to 'show' me they have official sanction; "Go take a flying shit" is what I think of that. Reactance is something a successful brainwashing/trauma programming/ schiz training needs to avoid as an absolute prerequisite, but they're ..just... such... lying, bullshitting, fraudulent, arseholes, and ridiculous pratts and cro-magnons. Even a quick look at the history of psychological research in the US - for which I get very may refs., shows that there's an insanely dark vein running thru' their mindset.

But what about sex? Was anything in a target's personal life off limits? During our four years in Moscow we assumed that our marital bedroom was bugged; we would discuss anything sensitive at the bottom of the garden next to the plum tree. Bugging was one thing, but was there, well, video as well? Girke says that the Stasi would sometimes exploit a target's sexual weaknesses, and recalls the case of a homosexual West German businessman who travelled to Leipzig for a trade fair. (He says the Stasi greatly overestimated the businessman's significance, erroneously passing the file up to the level of a general.)

Leaving pornographic literature by someone's bed was another trademark Stasi tactic. It was used, for example, to discredit the reputation of Herr B, a member of a religious peace group in Mecklenburg - as was spreading false rumours that a target was cheating on their spouse. On one occasion the Stasi's department XX/4 (as Garton Ash notes, responsible for infiltrating church groups) in Berlin sent a vibrator ro the wife of a target, acquired by an informer from West Berlin. With it came an anonymous note: "Better to use the vibrator than to cheat on your husband."

Generally, however, Girke says the secret police had no operational interest in sex, though I still find the voyeuristic possibilities discomforting. He says officers are more interested in pillow talk - the possibility that in the privacy of the bedroom They're inside my head; no escape (they'll play on this tonight - for the 10,000th time, as part of the 'programme', not understanding how I'm still alive & cogent. It's simple - they're lying, fraudulent bullshitters, and I don't deserve this [obviously there HAD to be the neuralgic pain there]) a target would disclose something of great operational significance. "You have to see things through the lens of the FSB. You are in bed with your wife. you tell her that the first secretary at the British embassy has just given you a new assignment. It is of vital national interest. The FSB is listening in. Their ears start to ring."

It is this fantasy - the quest for the elusive piece of information, the spook's Holy Grail that makes the job all apparently worthwhile. For the conscientious counter-intelligence agent, the hours of waiting and listening are all focussed on this one moment. Girke compares it to a knightly quest. It is, he suggests, a sort of cross between the medieval romances of Wolfram von Eschenbach and a modern spy thriller. He explains: "Imagine that you are a hunter who sits patiently with his weapon in the meadow and waits fbr the appearance of a great white deer that everyone has been talking about it. The hunter fantasises he will shoot the deer dead with a golden bullet."

During Girke's time in the service, the Stasi developed sophisticated techniques of bugging and surveillance, he says. Science fact is well beyond anything I've seen from Hollywood. The reality of 'their' capabilities is something of a combination of the film Inception and the book 1984 thrown at a canvas of The Gulag Archipeligo and Shutter Island with Herr Hitler's Einsatzgruppen as the conductor. The gun battles in Inception recflect the system being under military controll/application - it's their 'muscle-memory' of their minds showing thru', and a bit o' Hollywood laziness. The mind influencing is, I believe, extremely low frequency pulse modulations riding on any higher frek, certainly including the mo' 'pho' network, and dedicated hand-held emmitter-recievers, simulating the brain/minds natural operations, and with a hi-power, overriding the 'organic' brain. I gather it's an extension of established long range submarine comms systems technology. My analogue radio started takling to me one time in 2012; I was so shocked that I'd been right with a mass of subliminals I'd had from it, that I didn't hear a word that was said; I was being literally taked to, to which I interrupted it, saying "Hang-on a fucking moment - I've been fucking tortured here". The radio replied "Stow-it!", a naval term, in an Eng/Brit accent. The thing is, they're so inculcated with their tech, they're casual about it and assume you're in on it, so they just 'blab-on', when the target needs time to take it in, even if it had been the working assumption - over their professions of "god". Shortly after this, as tho' overhearing, two lads were giggling to each other about how I'd "sworn at the boss" (instead of sworn to their boss, a distinction commonly ignored. I digress). As well as the read-and-feed mind system of thoughts, imagery/audio/video, dream choreography, there's also the apparent ability to precisely eye-track. All these things are synthesised into a brainwashing/traumatising & schiz training regime, with extreme and long-term physical pain to break the will, up to 12hrs/day for 6months. It's clear to me, that with the implants inside me, they've turned me into some sort of 'cyborg' plaything, where they can - at least, track me, my mind, my sight & my hearing, and that to distance themselves - this is certainly UK black-state - they then employ controllable psychopathic cut-outs under 'official' oversight, to use these capabilities to psych & phys torture-murder, seemlessly and evidence-free, except, surely, for the devices/filaments/materials inside me. "We had advanced technical systems. You don't have to keep a cable hanging out ofthe window Evertything has been completely miniaturised. The bugs are no bigger than a pen head, and are linked to a transmitter in the street," he says. Days before my departure from Russia, I had discovered the lock on the front door of my dacha to be stiff and damaged - signs of an FSB break-in. This has happened recently (June'15) to me (The date is 17 February 2011. On this occasion the intruder seems ro have been in a hurry. Or less concerned about leaving clues. Is this also in my file?) I suspect the budget-minded security services have come to collect their eavesdropping equipment. "That's entirely possible", Girke says.

Girke is unable to shed light on who originally invented ..operational psychology". It was, he believes, the KGB who first developed the practice. After all, it was "the friends', from Moscow who in the l950s established the GDR's fledgling secret police, with the two services the East German and the Soviet working closely together thereafter. The KGB discreetly placed liaison officers in key East Gennan towns and in all eight Stasi directorates. One of them, from 1985-1990,was Vladimir Putin, who was based in city of Dresden. What precisely Putin got up to in Dresden is a mysrery. Formally he was assigned to run a Soviet Gernan Friendship house in Leipzig. Presumably he had already learned about operational psychology from the KGB's orvn academy.

During the cold war years the KGB had two key preoccupations, Girke says. One was spying on Nato and the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), federal West Germany's foreign intelligence agency. The KGB's interest was in getting hold of blueprints of the missile systems of Nato countries and other defence matters. The second aim was ensuring that the East Germans (and other socialist Warsaw pact nations) remained loyal partners. "The liaison officers would give us concrete suggestions," Girke says. "There were always contacts and connections."

By the time of perestroikha this once close relationship had degenerated into one of mistrust, with Honecker displeased by Mikhail Gorbachev's economic reforms and ideological backsliding. Still, at a personal level, relations remained friendly, Girke says. The KGB had their own house in Potsdam next to the Berlin Wall; the KGB and Stasi would play football matches on a grassy pitch near Schloss Cecilienhof, the palace where Churchill, Truman and Stalin held the Potsdam conference.

Around 1986 Girke says he had an unexpected phone call from his opposite number in the KGB, also a professor in operational psychology. The two men met on a bench in Schloss Sanssouci, Frederick the Great's baroque summer palace in Potsdam, not far from the Stasi's Hochschule in Potsdam-Eiche where Girke taught. (The academy appears in the The Lives of Others, the Oscar winning film about the Stasi by the West German director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck.) They discussed the scientific aspects of their work. Both secret services understood how psychological techniques could be applied to carefully chosen enemies. But it was the east Gerrnans, Girke says, who ransformed operational psychology into, as he saw it, a rigorous academic discipline . "We were the ones who refined Zersetzung. The German service used more refined techniques," he says. "The Russians were always more brutal."

Two decades later, Girke admits that the entire GDRproject - and his role in it - was wrong. "I think it was a huge mistake. All of us - the chiefs, the party bosses, the service - all of us believed you could make people happy by compelling them. We thought we could build another Germany using these methods. It uas an illusion. But we put so much energy into it, into making people's careers fail. In c.Feb2015, I was 'msg'ed' "We've had too many ppl, spending too much time, working too hard, to let you go, now" I recognised this far too late ." He says that he wasn't personally involved in hounding dissidents but accepts "collective responsibility" for what the service did. He is, he admits, a schreibentäter. (The word translates literally as "desk perpetrator" and was originally coined to describe the pen-pushers - rather than the Gestapo - who made the Third Reich possible.)

Somewhere in Moscow, on someone's desk, in someone's dusty filing cabinet, on someone's encrypted data-stick, is my FSB file. I ask Girke what is likely to be in it. "You get a number. They put you in a category", he says. The stasi has its own classification system depending on the seriousness of the case. Additionally, Girke says, the FSB win have given me a codename, an alias for use in secret operations. This codename is important: it depersonalises the target and makes it easier to carry out hostile measures against them. (Garton Ash is understandably delighted when he finds out the Stasi have christened him "Romeo". I have had this as a ref; I get alot of 'king', neither would seem obvious codenames, if it's so) Girke says the FSB will have included copies of my Guardian articles - I am, after all, a "hostile correspondent,' - as well as details of the operations against me. He adds that files are never closed. Even though Russia has now ejected me, I apparently live on somewhere in the FSB's dusty archives.

The Potsdam Stasi academy may have shut down, but - so far as he knows - the FSB still has its own chair of "operative psychology" at its academy in Moscow. Why, though, would the Russians persist with such methods long alter the supposed end of the cold war? or, more accurately, why has Putin revived the use of KGB tactics long after the battle for power and influence between east and west has disappeared? Girke has a simple answer. "Vladimir Putin macht was er kennt," he says. "Vladimir Putin does what he knows". He adds: "It's obvious. He wants to hang on to power and so he uses secret service methods."

The day before our departure snow still blankets our dacha home. A light white powder covers the plum tree and the red sugar maple. The great tits are at our bird feeder again, five or six of them, vividly pecking away. Soon there will be nobody left to feed them. We send the children off separately: Tilly to Geneva for a skiing holiday and Ruskin with Phoebe 's cousin Alice back to London. The precaution may appear overblown. But at this stage it seems better to be cautious.
Packing up to leave, I ponder Russia's fate since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of communism. There are many unattractive aspects - the feudal arrogance Many refs along these lines of Russia's "elite", for one; the lack of legal protection for ordinary Russians from arbitrary bureaucratic overlords, 'Mediaeval' is a frequent ref, as has been 'slave' and informing me that I have no human rights, which, by their actions, has been obvious for years, but which it still amuses them [neuralgic pain to right temple] to repeat. The 'slaves' is odd, it used to be 100 times/day, but I've not had it since I started calling them names. for another. This has long been the case. The historian Richard Pipes calls this the "singular chasm" that has existed across the ages in Russia between the rulers and ruled. Isaiah Berlin refers to "two nations" - the "class of the governed" who "behave as humans do everywhere" and the "governing class" who are "feared, admired, detested, and accepted as inevitable by the entire population".

I know which nation I prefer. Among the class of the governed there is much to admire: the indomitable spirit of the Russian people in the face of insuperable obstacles and daily frustrations; the rich literary and theatrical culture; the intense friendships. Our leaving party is a classically Russian affair. We drink vodka. We eat gherkins. We make tearful toasts. We laugh with our Russian and western friends. And at some point long after dawn we collapse groggily into bed.

But the biggest failing of the current Russian regime, I feel, is intellectual. Like the ghosts who broke into my apartment, using an old KGB tactic from a manual written long ago, Lieutenant Colonel Putin has gone back to his comfort zone. As a young spy he had twin mentors. They were the KGB and the Stasi. It shows. The result is a profound lack of empathy for anyone who disagrees with him. Under his tutelage Russia has become bullying, violent, cruel and - above all - inhuman. I call these things their 'shitbucket list' - their moral high ground is slick with their moral diahorrea and they long-since slid-off. Their psychological violence is astonishing. On the day I was 'driven' to attempt suicide (which was actually a murder attempt), all the influence technicians - brainwashers, turned-up thru' the surveillance feed, to watch - I could hear and sense them, maybe 30 ppl, shuffling excited apes. I asked for, and was refused, the privacy to write a suicide note to my mother; whilst writing it, there was loud stamping on the ceiling above me from Flat23, NE4 7ET - Kontrol Central. Odd people - OHMS.

By 2011, after over a decade in power Putin has completed a giddy counter-revolution. He has replaced the semi-democratic structures of the 1990s with a power vertical. He has fostered corruption, since corruption encourages loyalty. He has given the FSB unprecedented powers. And he has restored the agency to its old KGB role as guardian of the state. But he has failed, utterly failed, to come up with anything new.

References; the purpose is to confuse with false (rarely 'real' in terms of being cogent) 'messages' & undermine with apparent accusations and to give the 24/7/52/4 eyes-on 'influence technicians something to do & to keep them awake. Refs are delivered by noises and biological effects direct to the body of the victim, mainly. 'They've' read (or they're given a list of reference terms) most of the books I'm reading, so reference sourcing & delivery is very frequent (there are several or many 'influence technicians' operating at the same time to expand the usable list). The 'better' refs, in terms of confusing the victim, are ambiguous & of unknown meaning; sourcing refs eliminates the ambiguity and therefore diminishes their purpose (many refs are surnames of - in my case, ie. NSA whistleblowers ie. Drake, and 'Hitler' is regular). Refs are a large component in schizophrenia 'training' and are always intrusive and precise & synchronous to some intended cue, ie. from tv or conversations; they're a clear signal of real-time eyes-on and are always invasive/intruding, by their nature, so paranoid schizophrenia is a main aim of a trauma programming scheme, such as Monarch mind control programming. The victim wonders what the references are and becomes confused, so a 'spiral' motif becomes a visual cue for eg., and the act of stirring tea in a cup then gets referenced with a (everything is precise & synchronous, partly because they instigate many of the things that they reference) carhorn, or a door slam, or a wallknock, or sudden clicks and/or high-pitched tones in one ear (microwave auditory effects) or a sudden sharp pain to the foot/hand/eyeball - presumed microwave laser, 'maser', or the victim is subjected to a neuralgic pain in their head or they are targeted with a radio frequency that sets-up a heart arrythmia or sudden palpitations (they want the victim to be anxious, this causes various heart effects, but equally, a 'racing' heart causes anxiety - this is how they operate, same with them causing the things they reference, like Penn & Teller, they create illusions and then they call it factual and evidential; words can be dropped into tv, either thru' a similar sound signiture or entirely incongruously, usually when the victim has just turned away. It's all 'just' zero's & one's, tho' analogue radio for eg. is part of their bag of tricks, as is the visual on tv, of course. The technology is beyond what even Hollywood currently shows (tho' it's catching-up with reality). There is an ability to actually or by triangulated simulation, eye-track with precision, so the act of reading is a focus for referencing to specific & 'useable' keywords; there is an ability (I believe by ELF - extremely low frequency microwaves - modulated pulses carried on a high 'frek' carrier wave) to simulate the workings of the brain with a hi-fi read-and-feed capability of varied purpose; during reading, 'they' (humans & computers) can read ahead via the eye-tracking, and can 'whisper' into the mind of the victim an appropriated keyword so that the 'flow' of reading & concentration is lost. Background referencing includes such as "We are gods/We are superheroes", with the intention that the victim is traumatised & is slowly driven insane/schizophrenic. Additional other 'tools' are used in this process. (Information on the ELF microwaves and their abilities to 'synthetic telepathy' & etc. are readily searchable with the term 'Rifat'. In my case, it took a long time to find a convincing scientific explanation for what I knew to be a science-based capability; what Tim Rifat says, rings true in almost all senses to my experiences, and there is alot of disinformation put online).




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