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The most significant social foundation - 2 PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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The ekklesia in Athens convened on a hill called the Pnyx



The most significant social foundation

13/4/2017. This article was first publicized on 2/1/2017. "Violence is the one and only 'therapy'"; this is what, colonial meta-victims, stubbornily, believe with regard to the supposed "cure" of their own fears that they may shall have to give account to Justice about their colonial crimes. Threats, slandering, framing, crippling, causing illnessess, assassinating, storming with directed energy, implanting, etc. are being employed in order to "clean" the colonial missdeeds, while, contributors exist within the complete spectrum of our modern societies. The societes, which leave, their's meta-victims' false beliefs, to guide their collective evolution are those, whose collective future remains intertwinned with the long history of colonialism.


“Within Greek civilization, the most significant social foundation is ekklesia (Greek: ἐκκλησία του Δήμου), while, almost, everywhere else, it is the crimes’ ‘cleaners’ ”.

Would it be useful validating all the, current, international foundations and all the international relationships, according to the above hypothesis?


Christos Boumpoulis





Ecclesia (ancient Athens)

The ecclesia or ekklesia (Greek: ἐκκλησία) was the principal assembly of the democracy of ancient Athens during its "Golden Age" (480–404 BCE). It was the popular assembly, open to all male citizens with 2 years of military service. In 594 BC, Solon allowed all Athenian citizens to participate, regardless of class, even the thetes. The assembly was responsible for declaring war, military strategy and electing the strategoi and other officials. It was responsible for nominating and electing magistrates, thus indirectly electing the members of the Areopagus. It had the final say on legislation and the right to call magistrates to account after their year of office. In the 5th century BC its members numbered about 43,000 people. It would have been difficult, however, for non-wealthy people outside of the urban center of Athens to attend until payments for attendance were introduced in the late 5th century. It originally met once every month, but later it met three or four times per month. The agenda for the ekklesia was established by the Boule, the popular council. Votes were taken by a show of hands,counting of stones and voting using broken pottery.

A quorum of 6,000 members was required sometimes to do business. The ecclesia elected by lot annually the Boule or council. Some of their power under Solon was delegated to the Court by Pericles in his reforms.

In ancient Greece an ekklesiasterion was a building specifically built for the purpose of holding the meetings of the ecclesia. Like many other cities Athens did not have an ekklesiasterion. Instead, the regular meetings of the assembly were held on the Pnyx and two annual meetings took place in the Theater of Dionysus. Around 300 BC all the meetings of the ekklesia were moved to the theater. The meetings of the assembly could attract large audiences: 6,000 citizens might have attended in Athens during the fifth century BC.[1]

A police force of 300 Scythian slaves carried red ochre-stained ropes to induce the citizens who loitered in the agora of Athens to attend the meetings of the assembly. Anyone with red-stained clothes who was not in the meeting was liable to a penalty.[2][3]



In crime fiction, a cleaner is a person who destroys or removes any incriminating evidence at the scene of a crime, typically a murder, as if the crime never happened.

A cleaner may also be an assassin, as murder might be required to "clean" up a situation. The assassin Léon, from the film Léon: The Professional (1994), referred to himself in this way.

Cleaner is also a slang term for an individual (usually a member of a crime organization or a covert government agency) who disposes of a corpse after a hit.

In real life, crime scene cleanup is a legitimate industry. This involves removing blood and other biohazardous material, or dangerous chemicals used in an illegal drug lab.


Jean Reno played Viktor, a cleaner in the first sense of the term, in the film Nikita (1990).

Later, in the film Léon: The Professional (1994), Reno played the title character, an assassin who referred to himself as a "cleaner", demonstrating the second sense of the term as well. Luc Besson has stated these two characters are related.

Harvey Keitel played a cleaner in the film Point of No Return (1993), an American remake of the film Nikita.

Harvey Keitel also played a cleaner in Quentin Tarantino's film Pulp Fiction (1994).

The short Curdled (1996) is about a woman who takes a job cleaning up crime scenes after the police investigate.

The short documentary film Family Values (2002) documents a suburban lesbian couple who run a "mom and mom" business cleaning up gory crime scenes, and won a Student Academy Award for Best Documentary.

Carl, from the film Munich (2005), is a cleaner

In the film Underworld: Evolution (2006), there existed a secret mercenary group called the Cleaners, led by Alexander Corvinus, tasked with destroying/hiding any evidence of Vampires and Lycans, and the war between them, from human awareness.

Wolf, from the film Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007), is a cleaner

The film Cleaner (2007) is about Tom Cutler (played by Samuel L. Jackson), who owns and operates a crime scene cleanup company and gets involved in a criminal cover-up.

The fiction film Sunshine Cleaning (2008) is based around the business of crime scene cleaning, strictly in a legal manner, not the aforementioned illegal methods.

The film John Wick (2014) features a cleaning and body disposal service that caters specifically to New York's underworld of assassins, where they take special gold coins as payment and their customers refer to their number of victims as a number for a "dinner reservation".




WITNESS - Trailer - (1985) - HQ


Nikita (1990) Trailer


Underworld Evolution Trailer [HD]


John Wick (2014 Movie - Keanu Reeves) - Official Trailer

1st publicizing on 2/6/2015


Current, western, eastern, northern and southern civilizations have been, undoubtedly, severely deteriorated.

Widespread poverty together with the almost universal defection, of the states' secret services (and also, other social foundations), towards the globalized pragmatism with regard to the notions of, human rights, fundamental freedoms and Democracy, tend to give immense proportions to the problem of criminal violence.

The universal problem of violence shall become resolved, if and when, we, collectively, decide to actively acknowledge that:

there are many, different human cultures.

People embody their own culture.

All human cultures are equally respectable.

There are both, compatibilities, as well as, incompatibilities, between pairs of cultures.

The structure and the dynamics of our societies should dynamically reflect both, the compatibilities, as well as, the incompatibilities, of all cultural pairs.

People, all over the world, may have become defenseless and fearful as the structure and the dynamics of our current judicial and security foundations have, not only become obsolete, but, even worst, they may even reinforce positively the universal problem of criminal violence.

Deploying preventive, creative and peaceful measures for facing the universal problem of violence may be more effective than relying exclusively on our current corrective formal organizational forms which, in most cases, may constitute, questionably moral, questionably rational, questionably scientific, questionably sane, probably non syndicated with each other (globalized), probably with no organic ties with mere colonialism, probably with no organic ties with mere organized crime, probably with no organic ties with mere terrorism and finally, probably non-“islandic”, organizational forms within their corresponding countries.

And in the end, the notion of false Alibi can certainly contribute in the perpetuation of global greed, violence and unfreedom, while, instead, the notions of collective embedded false guilt and forced social cohesion deficiencies could immensely contribute to the well being of our societies.



P.S.: This article is, indeed, positive; despite its directness and its, seemingly, keen, realism and semantics. Creative evolution, sometimes, needs keen, realism and semantics, to manifest, without anyone being disrespectful. Isn’t so?

Note: The photo was found in [wiki].

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