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American Holocaust

Ίσως καμία άλλη επίσημη αναφορά στην ιστορία της ανθρωπότητας δεν εμπεριέχει τόσο παρατεταμένη, εκτεταμένη και σκληρή απανθρωπιά, όσο η αναφορά που υποβάλλει ο Βαρθολομαίος ντε Λας Κάζας στον «Υψηλότατο και Παντοδύναμο Κύριο» πρίγκιπα δον Φίλιππο της Ισπανίας, για να καταγγείλει τα εγκλήματα των Ισπανών χριστιανών στις (νομιζόμενες) ανατολικές Ινδίες, δηλαδή στην Αμερική. Ο Λας Κάζας είναι δομινικανός ιερέας και ανήκει στην πανίσχυρη καθολική εκκλησία της Ισπανίας η οποία συνδράμει στην κατάληψη και εκμετάλλευση των νέων εδαφών. Είναι η εποχή που η Ιερά Εξέταση βρίσκεται στο απόγειο της ισχύος της, εξοντώνοντας με τα πιο βάναυσα μέσα τους «εχθρούς» της.

Οι Ινδίες ανακαλύφτηκαν το έτος 1492. Τον επόμενο χρόνο κατοικήθηκαν από χριστιανούς Ισπανούς… Όλα τα μέρη που ανακαλύφθηκαν μέχρι το 1541 είναι τόσο πυκνοκατοικημένα, σαν κυψέλη. Θα έλεγες ότι ο Θεός τοποθέτησε εκεί τη μεγαλύτερη ποσότητα από όλο το ανθρώπινο γένος. Γενικά, όλους αυτούς τους απειράριθμους λαούς, ο Θεός τούς έχει πλάσει εξαιρετικά απλούς, χωρίς κακίες και δολιότητες, είναι πολύ υπάκουοι και πιστοί στους φυσικούς τους αφέντες και στους χριστιανούς που υπηρετούν. Είναι οι πιο ταπεινοί, οι πιο υπομονετικοί, οι πιο ειρηνόφιλοι και ήσυχοι άνθρωποι μέσα σ’ όλο τον κόσμο. Αθόρυβοι, χωρίς μνησικακία, ούτε βιαιότητες, ούτε μαλώματα, χωρίς εμπάθεια, χωρίς μίσος, χωρίς την επιθυμία της εκδίκησης… Κατέχουν ελάχιστα και δεν θέλουν να κατέχουν πρόσκαιρα αγαθά. Δεν είναι υπερήφανοι, ούτε φιλόδοξοι, ούτε πλεονέχτες… Η κρίση τους είναι καθαρή, γερή και ζωηρή…

[Πηγή: David Stannard, American Holocaust,1992, toixo-toixo.blogspot.fr/2011/04/blog-post_29.html?m=1]


Before English colonial settlement, like preagricultural and industrial European or other societies, indigenous Australians were living simple and egalitarian lifestyles: Their approach to life was minimalist yet nurturing of members of the group. Clothing was either not worn or minimal, shelter was easily assembled or non-permanent structures, tools were made from materials readily available on the land, there was no written language, [and] children were cared for by the extended family group and Elders were treated as respected purveyors of important spiritual and cultural formation.

[Πηγή: www.sgo.sagepρub.com/content/3/3/2158244013499143]


"The net of spies was really broad. In nearly every institution, even in the churches or in West Germany, there were many of them. I remember telling a leading Stasi officer, 'If you had sent an informant to me, I would surely have recognized him.' His answer was, 'We didn't send anyone. We took those who were around you.' And in fact, two of my best friends reported about me to the Stasi. Not only in my case, informers were very close. For example, Vera Lengsfeld, another leading dissident, in her case it was her husband who spied on her. A famous writer was betrayed by his brother. This reminds me of the novel "1984" by George Orwell, where the only apparently trustable person was an informer". [https://www.ted.com/talks/hubertus_knabe_the_dark_secrets_of_a_surveillance_state/transcript]



Just few days are left before the Easter, on Sunday April 16, 2017.

During this period despicable political propaganda is being unfolding with regard to, pseudo-heroes, victims, martyrs and pawns.

According to this propaganda Jesus is being promoted as a hero who, allegedly, was self-sacrificed for the benefit of the human kind.

Our information about Jesus' life is partial. For example, we do not know if he had an alternative choice, while, we do know that the parasitism's deadly hatred against high intelligence is eternal.

Jesus Christ, according to my opinion, was a victim of a lethal scapegoating, while, the inhumane tortures which he was suffered were comparable, the least, with the tortures which modern martyrs are suffering: small dead children thrown to garbage cans after some of their internal organs are taken for transplantation; innocent civilians are being exterminated after having, involuntarily, been subjected to inhumane medical experiments; innocent civilians, probably, are being deprived by even the last particle of their human dignity by being, involuntarily, implanted with, telemetry of thought, electronic devices, etc.

As usual, political propaganda intends to hide, what is important and massive, by, overemphasizing what is less important and exceptional.

More specifically, the current propaganda contributes in the systematic negligence of the innumerable real heroes and martyrs of the History of our human kind.

The context:

  • The human beings are innocent and kind. Period.

  • The human being and the behavior of a human being, are two separate notions.

  • The behavior of a human being can be, involuntarily, adulterated by an other human being.

  • An human being's behavior may, involuntarily, become adulterated in so large extent, that, this human being may cease being a human being.


For example, George Papadopoulos (Greek dictator), Aris Velouchiotis (Military officer of EAM), Nicolae Ceaușescu (Romanian dictator), Al Capone (gangster), Lee Harry Oswald (JFK's assassin), Judas Iscariot (Jesus Christ's trator), etc. have been born as normal human beings and then, after their instrumental dehumanization, they committed, as mere pawns, the atrocities they committed and finally, after they had been inhumanly used by the colonialists of their time, they were treated as used garbage and thrown as such in the garbage can of History.

Another example is about the casualties of the second world war. Namely, because of the unjust hatred against the excellence and the kindness of a specific Nation, seventy three million peoples' behaviors had been adulterated, by the colonialists of that time, in order for them to participate in the unjust, meaningless, and atrocious second world war.

At the same time, if, one, is resisting his behavior becoming inhumanly adulterated, this resistance, doesn't make, the one, a hero. The primary instinct of survival is a common characteristic of all human beings. Therefore, there is nothing heroic in the struggle of individuals for avoiding their behavior becoming, involuntarily, twisted by any negative and unproductive sense.

For example, recently, two citizens of a large country which possesses nuclear arms, became wistleblowers (the one from the military and the other one from the services, the second case was totally neglected by the mass media). The developments of their corresponding lives, after they became whistleblowers were devastating and inhumane. Those specific developments may indicate that, the normal people of our days may find themselves having to confront, even, the most irrational, the most inhumane and the most repulsive extortion they can (or can't) imagine, just because (e.g.) they are more intelligent than it is allowed (by the colonialist of our days).

Publicity may has become one of the lasts resorts for the normal human beings to retain their excellence and kindness, namely, their own normality; and this resort does not make them heroes. For example, hypothetically, why we should consider, one, who might resort to publicity for surviving, as a hero, while, that one is being extorted to chose, exclusively, between, (e.g.) a. becoming assassinated by the method of false suicide, or, b. to suffer, involuntarily, his sex becoming surgically changed, or, c. to declare, involuntarily, that he suffers from false "schizophrenia"?

Concluding, according to my opinion, heroes should be considered all the innumerable, present and past, meta-victims whose entire lives, have been, or, are being, involuntarily, devastated and dehumanized; and all the rest sufferers are being, just, victims of the stubbornness of those who refuse to accept the simple fact that, “The borders of their language are the borders of their world” (Wittgenstein).


Christos Boumpoulis


P.S.: Colonialism turns normal human beings to, quasi, "monsters". Colonialism may, also, propagate civilization, as, Alexander the Great, has demonstrated.


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