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Towards brighter days (rephrased) PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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Συντάχθηκε απο τον/την Χρήστος Μπούμπουλης (Christos Boumpoulis)   
Πέμπτη, 02 Μάρτιος 2017 20:42

Towards brighter days


In my first country, Greece, we have an old saying:


“I caught a thief and then, though I am letting him go, he, is not letting, me, go”. *


The European Union endeavor has evolved to a disaster.

The initial intention was, to relieve the European Continent from the recurring tragedy of wars.

Wars are unwanted, mainly, because during them, the Human Rights are systematically violated. Therefore, the Europeans avoid wars because they demand their Human Rights not to be violated.

However, what has happened to the Human Rights after the E.U. establishment’s terminating the hot wars?

There is excess information within the internet which documents, beyond any reasonable doubt, the fact that, while, the Human Rights are being, massively and systematically, violated, innumerable innocent civilians lose their sacred lives, because of existing and real violations of, demanded by the international law, ban of colonialism and because of a combination of, non economic viability of the colonialists’ national economies, and, the adulteration of the laws of competitive economic markets, within E.U.


It is questionable whether any of the days of the year 2017, is going to be brighter than the days of World War II.


  • How many Europeans enjoy, their Human Rights, not being systematically violated?
  • How many Europeans’ health is protected from becoming, involuntarily, capitalized?
  • How many Europeans enjoy their freedom to, legitimately, participate within their own countries political system in order to advocate, their country’s independence and their fellow citizens’ Human Rights?
  • How many, innocent and legitimate, Europeans are being, illegally, tortured, even for some decades, (zersetzen torture, no-touch violence, etc.)?
  • How many, non-adulterated, European security foundations have been left, in order for the innocent Europeans, to seek for legitimate protection from the colonial atrocities of our days?
  • Who is going to bring to justice, those who, probably, are, directly or indirectly, responsible for the unjust loss of great people like, Tasos Papadopoulos, archbishop Christodoulos, Panagiotis Kondilis, Malvina Karali, Alekos Panagoulis, Grigoris Lamprakis, Giannis Voglis, and many others, so that the moral heroes of our days, those few who have been survived, not to become exterminated, also?
  • How much “focused”, upon the members of the moral and intellectual elites, are those hundreds of thousands of deaths, each year, which are classified as deaths due to illnesses?
  • How many, normal, innocent and moral, Europeans have been, involuntary, turned to meta-victims?
  • How many members of the E.U.’s administration can comprehend what is to remain under the mercy, even for decades, of borderline personalities’ members of interests groups which, locally, promote the colonialists’ interests?

I have a mother; I have a brother; I have some friends; I have my teachers; I have relatives; I have some neighbors; I have colleagues; I have my, Greek, fellow citizens; I have my, German, fellow citizens; etc. I love them, all. I wish them to prosper and before that, I wish for them to remain alive and healthy. The current, structure and dynamics, of the European Union, I am afraid that, it does not provide those fundamental blessings to those, which I love.

Currently, the most urgent issue is, to rescue the lives of those Europeans who remain endangered; and probably, those are not few.

The second priority is, I believe, to pave the way for the United Kingdom’s national economy to become, totally, self-sufficient.

The third priority is, I believe, to pave the way for the Nomads to prosper, beyond the borders of the cities; while retaining, friendly and creative, relationships and cooperation, with the citizens.

The fourth priority is, I believe, to pave the way for most of the members of, legitimate, and, not legitimate, armies, to leave those armies and continue, with new carriers, their lives, creatively and prosperously, with the rest of the members of civil societies.

The E.U.’s administration has, bitterly, failed to rescue the European Union’s endeavor for reasons, which, though I prefer not to mention, are understandable.

We are alive. We wish to live our lives through our old age. We wish to live pleasantly. We wish to prosper.

Therefore, it is better to start thinking and then to start, creatively and peacefully, working, in order, to resolve the pending problems, as well as, to build our, Peaceful, Free, Friendly and frugally Prosperous, future of our sacred lives.


Christos Boumpoulis


P.S.: * This is a metaphor related to the behavior of the, widespread within our societies, meta-victims.




Warning that Europe’s place in the world was ‘shrinking’ relative to a rising Asia, Mr Juncker said that being a soft power was no longer sufficient in a world when “force can prevail over rules”, urging Europe to “act with the collective weight of its individual parts”.




European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker told MEPs on Wednesday that "our darkest day in 2017 will still be far brighter than any spent by our forefathers on the battlefield".



The Western Response

The foreigners were especially irritated by the high customs duties the Chinese forced them to pay and by the attempts of Chinese authorities to stop the growing import trade in opium. The drug had long been used to stop diarrhea, but in the seventeenth and eighteenth century people in all classes began to use it recreationally. Most opium came from Turkey or India, and in 1800 its import was forbidden by the imperial government. Despite this restriction, the opium trade continued to flourish. Privately owned vessels of many countries, including the United States, made huge profits from the growing number of Chinese addicts. The government in Peking noted that the foreigners seemed intent on dragging down the Chinese through the encouragement of opium addiction.










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