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An honest message to the Nomads PDF Εκτύπωση E-mail
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An honest message to the Nomads.

Dear Nomads, everywhere,

According to my knowledge, you are trying to gain profit, by annihilating innocent and defenseless people, just because they are defending the weak people of our time. Can it really be a more powerful confirmation of the great poet Amir 'Abd al-Qadir (1807-1883) than that, offered by your shameful persecutions?

Nomads are Kings.

Nomads can live, again, the kind of worthy lives they deserve; provided that the shall choose to cooperate, peacefully and creatively, with the rest of our human kind for achieving a rational reformation of the international relationships.

Opening vital space for the Nomads to exist in honorable fame, is an achivable goal.

Therefore, it remains upon the Nomads’ judgement, to honor, or, not, Amir Abd al-Qadir’s wisdom; to choose the lives of true Kings’, or, not.


Christos Boumpoulis




The Life of the Nomad


The Amir ‘Abd al-Qadir (1807-1883)

(Algeria; mid 19th century)

O THOU who preferrest the dull life of the town

to wide, free solitude,

dost thou despise nomadic tents

because they are light, not heavy

like houses of stone and lime?

If only thou knewest the desert's secret!

But ignorance is the cause of all evil.

If thou couldst but awake in the dawning Sahara

and set forth on this carpet of pearls,

where flowers of all colors shower delight

and perfume on our way.

We breath an air that lengthens life,

because it ne'er blew on the garbage of towns!

If at dawn, after the night's dew,

thou wouldst from a high point look into the distance,

thou wouldst see on the measureless horizon

fallow beasts grazing on scented meadows.

At a moment like this all care would leave thee

and rest would enter thy restless heart.

On the day of decampment the camels' howdahs

are like anemones weighed down by rain.

They cover virgins, who peep out through peepholes.

Ah peephole which the eye of the houri fills!

Behind them sing the drivers in high pitch,

their song more gripping than flutes and cymbals.

But we, on noble horses

whose decorations cover breast and croup,

stir ourselves into a gallop.

We hunt gazelles and beasts of prey.

None can outrun our rapid coursing!

At night we return to the tribe

which has already encamped on an unspotted site,

The earth is like musk; even purer it is;

and generous too, moistened at dawn and dusk by rain.

There we put up our tents in rows.

The earth is dotted with them as the sky with stars.

Those who have passed on truly said

—and truth undergoeth not change—:

beauty is found in two things,

in a verse and in a tent of skin.

When our camels graze at night,

their lowing resounds like the thunder of early morning.

They are the ships of the desert; whoso travels

on them is saved; but how dangerous are the ships of the sea!

They are our Mehari, swift as antelopes,

through them and our horses we achieve fame,

Our horses are always saddled for battle;

whoever seeks our aid, for him we are ready.

For fame we have sold our citizenship forever,

for fame is not won in the town!

We are kings! None can compare himself with us!

Does he then truly live, who lives in shame?

Gortoz A Ran (I’m Waiting – Breton Lyrics With English Translation






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